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7 Jun 2016

One Way Out Of Being Broke As A Student On Campus

When you lack purchasing power, get inferior in quality or insufficient in amount, check the price tag of a shirt you would love to rock, and then sadly walk away – You are broke. Money can’t buy you happiness they say, I believe that is something the rich tell the poor to make them feel better about being broke. Though not everyone has blue blood running through his/her vein but being broke is a joke you shouldn’t laugh to.

As a student, if there’s anything you would love to avoid apart from exams, being broke is the answer. Imagine being stranded with no liquid or cash in air and you see others chilling, buying things like they own the central bank. Several thoughts, whether good or bad, stimulating or depressing, deadly or lively will flash through your broke mind. To avoid this ugly situation of being broke as a student on campus, here is a piece for you.

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Take a step against it. You can’t just lie in your room playing FIFA on a borrowed laptop and keep updating status like “Broke tinz, but Money no go sweet if owu no dey, God bless ma hustle, amma buy a mansion soon“. God bless what hustle? Which mansions are you buying? While lying lazily in your room? You need to work against it if you really want to walk away from it.

And when I say ” You need to work against it and hustle“, it does not insinuate that you should drop your primary objective of being in school and run after money. If you are or want to be a student-hustler, then something you need to understand is that there should be a striking balance between your education and your quest to make cool cash. So you need to control your mindset and get it ready with the determination that your hustling must not affect your academics.

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Having understood this, Identify any skill you have. Can you sew? Can you style hair? Can you barb? Can you repair phones and laptops? Can you tweak androids to students’ benefits? Can you teach? Or you are the type that does not care to sell petty stuffs in the hostel?

Then Monetize your skill, get a system, type an advertisement notice with a very big font size that reads like “Repair and format your phones – Call 080********” or “Barb your hair at #50- Tinubu Hall, Block 6, Room102” or “Get MTN 200gb for #400 – Call John the guru on 070*********” or ” Buy fufu wey strong like rock at room204 – #20“. Before you know it, you will be earning something that you can survive with per day, at least being broke won’t be your portion again.

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Also, take advantage of the free things offered by your school. Does your school offer free rides on public transportation? Use it and stop forming rich dude which you are not. Try to choose your entertainment from some of the many free or low cost activities afforded by you. If you hear any case of free food, be the first to get there. Attend churches that will entertain you probably as a first-timer, it might save you spending some cash for that Sunday. Though that’s meant for the not-so-religiously-dedicated types.

Conclusively, know the weight of your pocket, avoid unnecessary spending like eating at the cafeteria and if you can’t cook, here are the alternatives. Manage your little income with common sense and as a guy, avoid spending for girls unnecessarily, else…… conclusion withheld.

…………………………….Case Closed…………………………….


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