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23 Jul 2015

OAU Student Speaks Out On Post UTME 2015 Fee Inflation

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OAU is no more a school for the impecunious, no pun intended. Tears flow through my face and I grab my pen to script down this write-up.

My once-upon-a-time great citadel – OAU is now something like a chilling vantage location or rather a beer parlour for the affluents, deep-pocketed, contrary as to what used to be the status quo where the impecunious, impoverished, indigent, needy, penurious are given the shot to venture into a quest of building a castle of knowledge. A great citadel that once seemed shiny and bright now seems layered under a thin crust of sinister dust.

As a scholar of philosophy, inquisitiveness kept on stinging my mind like a gadfly, with no room to lay rest my curiosity has to turn into something like, what has GREAT IFE turned to? How come OAU can no more accomodate the masses? Why has the soil that was meant to bring forth cherry suddenly starts producing bitter leaf? Why???

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Historically, Obafmi Awolowo University was a citadel, founded with the sweat and mediocrity of the regional Government of Western Nigeria, led by late chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola and was renamed Obafemi Awolowo University on the 12th of May 1987 in honour of Chief Obafemi Awolowo (1909-1987), first premier of the Western Region of Nigeria government, to encourage the brilliant set of individuals that are eager to learn and build mansion of knowledge but faced with lack of money to build such castle of knowledge (Education). The establishment of OAU in 1962 and it’s existence for 50years have been serving this important purpose, which is to help the poor with cheap education, though not limited to that.

Then, all of a sudden, this purpose turned out to become a disadvantage to the poor starting from acceptance fee increment saga cooked by this so called insensate, pitiless, remorseless pachyderms. From 2000 to 20, 000! Why??. Like that was not enough, the school fees increment saga further described insensitivity, iron-heartedness and the inconsiderate nature of the Management.
The most painful aspect of this exploitation by the ruthless exploiters is that they built their own castles of knowledge in indigent, all thanks to great ife, and now they stand as blockages for such, what a callous set of individuals.

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This deliriousness has been dancing around my body system since the acceptance fee saga, but the last stroke that broke the camel’s back, which steered my rage is the huge amount for the purchase of the so called OAU Post UTME Form – 2015. How on earth would OAU Post UTME Registraion AND OAU EPORTAL Access Scratch Card sum up to a total of #7, 000? Bearing in mind that bank charges will be 700, making #7, 700. Not one after the other but together.

A form that’s more like a gamble, a slot of 5, 000 and yet thousands struggling for it, that aside, what is the fate of those that can’t afford the #7, 700? Funny enough, enough awareness and space was not given, the price was announced barely a week ago and the exam is just two weeks ahead.
I would have remained calm on this if management had not ordered both cards be sold together, why? Ok they should change their citadel? That would have been the bet if there’s no penny.

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Is this how OAU will continue to push off the impecunious? Is this how OAU will continue accommodating only those that can eat and use toothpicks? Will there really be no solution to all this exploitation from the management? Thousand of such confusing questions flow through my head, but I just think I have to stop at this inconclusive juncture. RUMINATE!


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