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29 Jul 2015

OAU Fee Increment Saga Re-Visited – Must Read!!!

WRITTEN BY FYNESTBOI, he previously wrote about OAU Post UTME 2015 Fee Inflation.

Coupled with some other charges I didn’t and still do not understand, is the #18, 000 development fee , which was part of the reasons Obafemi Awolowo University management increased its school fees, counting some months behind us. The development fee is a scam or what?

A closer or let me say my personal review of the exorbitant and “holy gholistic” increment of fee early March last year; looking through the estimation given by the management, one out of the 17 listed estimate, I kept on fixedly gazing at the number 15 on the list, then the question that kept on heaping round my thought as ant heap round a cone of sugar was development of what?. An obviously pellucid reason for this question is, so far, the condition OAU has been during the time normal fee was been paid is still what we are now, NO CHANGE!!!, hence my question again, development of what???. Well, consoling myself, it was probably meant for building a new giant Senate building so these set of inconsiderate management can continue relaxing in air conditioned offices while we keep on swinging in our erratic and nothing to write home about welfare condition? We’ve had enough patience for our management to make sense but still they prefer our parents hustling to pay them.

It may interest you to know that, the said estimation was as a result of the protest, which saw to the reduction from 74, 000 to whatever we have now, is this really not a scam? As far as am concerned, no development whatsoever has been implemented by the management, I may be wrong with evidence, after swindling over 5000 2013/2014 fresh students of #18, 000 development levy, and now 2014/2015 set were inevitably victims. Let’s say approximately 12, 000 students paid, #18, 000 in such folds, that will be a total of? I leave that to the mathematicians to rack brains about. Or maybe my definition of development is what I’m inferring from? Lest I fall a victim of my erroneous conclusion.

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Let me linguistically analyze the word “development”, or probably what the management mean? Is it what my dictionary defined it to be or what? Well, here is what I have according to lexicographers;

Development is : the act or process of growing or causing something to grow or become larger or more advanced.

Sequel to the above definition, is it then justifiably right, based on the condition of our hostels, lecture halls, that the management have satisfied the above definition of development? To which #18, 000 was attached to? I see the word development as used by the management as a canopy to hide their somewhat exorbitant fee, if so, I believe this canopy needs to be fixed before, another set of fresh student will be make to pay such canonized fee. Obviously, this situation needs some changes, some trenches need some cutting, some pillars need erecting and d flooring needs some scrubbing.

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However, the SUG President, TY’s inaugural speech gave me a flash of hope that preferably, new intakes won’t have to go through the same exorbitant fee we went through, but my hope is fainting, it was flashy anyways.Also, I keep wondering the below speech of Akande Omotayo A.K.A TY on the increment of school fee is just as usual political propaganda or what? He said and I quote :

Let me be quick to admit that the Nigerian education sector is abysmally funded, the vision of the founding fathers of this prestigious University and their commitment to free qualitative education e.g. the 1955 Awolowo free education policy, is not in conformity and clearly deviate from that of the modern day government. The current leaders have no vision for the sector. The budgetary allocation to education in 2013 and 2015 are 8.4% and 10.1% respectively as against the recommended 25% for developing countries by UNESCO. However, no reputable public institution can survive without funding from external bodies. But whenever the university management claims to look inward they look into our parents’ pocket.
Our Students cannot continue to pay for the increment in school fees having not yielded any commensurate improvement in the welfare condition. This has made the increment itself questionable and unconscionable. The 2010/2011 obnoxious and preposterous increment in acceptance fee from N2, 000 to N20, 000 has not yielded any substantial achievement before we were inflicted with another in 2014. We have two problems with these:

1. The last increment has yielded nothing in terms of improved welfare
2. The student’s union was not duly consulted and if some executives were consulted and played the role of fifth columnists then that means the increment was not ratified by the congress.

My hope is in its dim state as regard the above hope-lifting speech, as a result of what the management used in welcoming the aspirants.

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I don’t want to believe, plans are not ongoing on the increment review TY promised, but I believe transparency should be imbibed in its execution so we Great Ife students as a whole can be rest assured that our hope in TY’s administration is not been dashed yet…

He who talks and chill lives to talk another day… #FynestboiHerebySignsOut

That should be all on the topic titled – OAU Fee Increment Saga Re-Visited – Must Read!!!.


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