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16 Jun 2015

NIIT Nigerian Scholarship Award – Apply Now!!! [CLOSED]

This is the 16th NIIT NIGERIA NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP and it is being announced to provide Scholarship assistance to deserving and meritorious students across various disciplines – School Leavers, Undergraduates, Graduates, Individuals desirous of enhancing their technical skill-sets and students in general who aspire to know about I.T. and career in I.T.


All candidates falling in the following classification are eligible and can apply for the NIIT NIGERIA NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP

“O” Level / “A” Level Certification
School Leavers
Undergraduates (those pursuing Graduation
a. Individual Professionals who are working and
seek Re-skilling programs,
b. Un-employed
c. Under-employed Graduates
and Entrepreneurs

Requirements Before Exam
Submit the Completed Application Form
Collect the Hall Ticket
Appear for the Scholarship Exam as per the specified date given below.

Scholarship Examination Dates

NATIONAL LEVEL (NIGERIA): 11th July 2015, Saturday
[across multiple venues across Nigeria]
Successful applicant basis merit and meeting the
following two criterions will be awarded one of the Scholarship Offer:

  1. Meeting the qualifying criteria in NATIONAL
    SCHOLARSHIP-2015 examination and
  2. Clearing Personal Interview, will be awarded one of the Scholarship Offers based on merit.
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16th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP will be applicable at all NIIT centers across Nigeria

Scholarship Offer

16th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP is designed to encourage students to take up NIIT program with deserving scholarships.

However, it also recognizes aptitude of the student as a key attribute through the 16th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP test performance in the award of scholarship.

The 16th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP will be awarded on the basis of Merit Ranking arrived at using the score of 16th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP exam

Application for 16th NIIT Nigeria Scholarship

Applications for 16th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP will be accepted from 9th June 2015.
Application form are available at all the NIIT Education Centre’s across Nigeria.
Candidate can apply online by visiting www.niitnigeria.com.
Candidate can fill ONLINE APPLICATION which will generate online HALL TICKET. Last Date for 16th NIIT NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP Application is 10th July 2015.

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Application form is FREE. Every piece of information on the Application form has to be filled in completely and accurately.

Preparation for Examination
1. Scholarship test consists of 60 questions that are divided into four sections
2. The duration of the complete test is 100 minutes.
3. Use of calculators is NOT allowed.
4. The answers of all numerical questions should be considered to the nearest round off value.
5. If you are unable to answer any question, move on to the next. Do not spend too much time on any question.
6. Do not be worried if you are unable to answer all the questions. Most people cannot do so.
7. Stop writing as soon as you are told to do so.
8. Any attempt to resort to unfair means will result in disqualification.
9. You are not allowed to move out of the Hall without handing over your Booklet, Answer sheet, and Rough sheets.
10. Use the Answer sheet provided with this test booklet to answer the questions. Do not write/mark anything on the Question paper booklet.
11. For each of the multiple choice questions, there are four/five options; A, B, C, D and E. Select the correct option in the space provided against the appropriate question in the Answer sheet.
12. Only one option should be selected against each question. In case you wish to make a change ensure that you have erased the earlier choice properly.
13. Please ensure that you write your Name, Contact Number, E-mail ID, Date, Hall Ticket No, Center Name, Venue/City, Slot No, and Test Code in the appropriate spaces provided on the Answer sheet. USE BLOCK LETTERS ONLY. Also sign in the place provided.

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