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17 Jun 2016

Why You Should Never Study Medicine As A Christian

Why You Should Never Study Medicine As A Christian

I see a lot of christian folks in the medical profession and most times I ask what they are doing there. Every medical doctor is under an oath which Its origin is not fully known. Before u can be a doctor, u will have to swear the HIPPOCRATIC OATH……on the day of your INDUCTION. in the Christian faith, it was clearly stated that swearing of any form is not allowed and considered a sin.

Why then do I see Christians in medical school? Are they not aware of this OATH? Or did they just choose to turn a blind eye to the truth?
The medical profession has always been like a cult since the days of Hippocrates. It was initially designed with knowledge of secrets of the practice that should only be passed down to children of physicians in the olden days.

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Medical practice actually started like a brotherhood/cult, the medical logo says it all (a snake wrapping a cross), my point here is anybody who calls him/herself a true Christian cannot become a medical doctor without SIN (TAKING THE OATH).

So my dear Christian friends, are you really for God or do you choose to go against his instruction just because you want to enjoy the gains of being a medical doctor?



Why You Should Never Study Medicine As A Christian : Written By goodman3

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