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16 Mar 2016

Nairaland Interschool Debate – Equating HND with BSC : A panacea to Technological Advancement/ Innovative ideas


NAME: Emaculate Ife representing OAU,

Position: Support.

My brother got a call to help a friend get a job for his niece. Upon seeing her CV, he found out that she is an HND holder. It is however a policy in his company to employ BSc only. He felt bad for this girl because she opted in for polytechnic education due to her family’s financial constraint. She now sells foodstuff in the market due to the employment discrimination in the country.

Constitutionally, equality is a necessary principle which cannot be extinguished by the same law that prescribes it unless it is a “utopian fantasy whose hopeless pursuit” would lead to “tyranny.” It is no news that the discrimination between BSc and HND holders is becoming worse each day as companies prefer BSc to HND even if the latter is more skilled than the former. They believe in certification as against the equal employment opportunity advocated by the constitution of Nigeria. But what will happen if skilled graduates are shut from employment as a result of certification? Technological advancement or technological adversity? You choose.

Moreover, is certificate the basis of innovative idea or improvement in technology? It is barbaric to put HND below BSc because of a mere certificate. Innovative idea is a no respecter of certificate. Anyone can have innovative idea that can move the country forward technologically. If certificate is the basis of innovative idea, there should be no Microsoft and Nairaland today. You know both founders are dropped out, right?

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Furthermore, the core policy of Nigeria of evolving into a technological based country is on the ruin as the discrimination against HND holders has continue to wear an ugly look. It is no news that findings have proved that some polytechnic students are in some cases far better than their university counterparts on the field (Sammyscholar, a representative of Polytechnic of Ibadan, is a perfect example). If this is the case, why do the government and private individual put BSC holders ahead of HND holders without recourse to their skills and ability? Is that not a poison to the realisation of the nation’s technological development? Someone like Sammyscholar would be deprived a job because a company’s policy cannot employ a HND holder when in the real sense, if he should be given an equal opportunity to compete with the graduates, he will compete with them favourably.

In addition to that, the HND holders upon getting job are treated with ultimate distaste and inequality as regard to the salary grade level (HND: GL 07 & BSc: GL 08); security personnel: BSc (commissioned) while HND (non-commissioned); promotion of the BSc is unlimited while the peak promotion for HND is GL 12. HND holders are mostly kept as slave workers as against the status of BSc holders. This is evidently shown in Banking/ financial sector where HND holders are treated cheaply because of their degree. Can any innovative idea come out from someone who has been battered psychologically with the ugly treatment he is going through? I doubt it.

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Come to think of it, international companies in the country and companies in advanced countries have no time for certificate discrimination. Their employment is based on meritocracy and not mediocrity as the case is in Nigeria. This is a reason for their technological advancement. If Nigeria wants to advance, it must take a clue from this set of people.

Nigeria is so much interested in curbing criminal activities and unemployment; yet it operates in such a way that criminal activities and unemployment rate will escalate. Giving out policies that do not allow for the employment of HND or making them a second class employees will not only make them indulge in criminal activities, it will also increase the unemployment rate in the country. And this will not avail them opportunity to give out their well-thought ideas which can help move the country forward technologically. This will also reduce the pressure mount on universities for admission.

Polytechnic students are mainly trained to be practically relevant in their field. They are trained on how to do things in their field, while university students are trained to research into why something is done in a field. Ideally, the two are to work hand in hand for the development of the society as “practice without theory is blind and theory without practice is sterile.” Giving prominence to theory means that no productive idea will materialise, however, putting both practice and theory together will advance Nigeria creatively and technologically. Theory and Practice can only work together if both of them are given equal recognition.

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Can someone who has passion for Art class be forced into science class and cope well and vice-versa? How do you want graduates to cope when in the real sense they were forced into university because of the discrimination and mentality of the citizenry? Someone who has passion for polytechnic can only cope and deliver better if schooled in a polytechnic. This is the case in other advanced countries but it is not the same in Nigeria as polytechnic materials are forced into universities as a result of the discrimination in the labour market.

Taking cognisance of the aforementioned and the current situation in Nigeria, I believe you will throw your full support behind me that equating BSc with HND will bring about technological advancement in the country.


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