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Momentous Decision: Which Career Path to Choose and Why?
5 Jul 2017

Momentous Decision: Which Career Path to Choose and Why?

Momentous Decision: Which Career Path to Choose and Why?

Choosing a career path is a very big decision, because you are going to have to be happy to be in that industry for a long time. Of course, some people change their careers after a while, but it would be so much better if you make the right decision the first time around. There are many students who complete their studies and do not find employment as fast as they would have liked. This is just the reality we face these days, but you should at least be so passionate about your career choice, that you are willing to wait for the right opportunity. There is no one shoe fits all choice, but you have to deduce what suites you and your personality the best.

Studying is a lot of hard work and you do not want it to be in vain, or be unhappy with your career choice after you’ve put in so much work. Also, do not base your decision on the difficulty of the course. If you are studying in the financial field, you can find finance homework help easily. Let’s say, you need help with finance homework and you tried all you can by yourself. Simply go online and search for solutions or find a tutor. Every course is difficult, but you need to decide which one is worth the hard work.

Here are some aspects you should consider when choosing a career path.

Work environment

Are you someone who likes to work by yourself or do you prefer to work in a team? Do you see yourself in an office environment? Would you see yourself working at a desk the whole day or are you someone who needs to be out and about? These are all things to consider before making a career choice. Even though this is just step one in the process, it’s a very important step.

Working Hours

Most office bound jobs have set working hours and you need to ask yourself if you are someone who would be happy with those hours. A lot of people opt for jobs where they can have flexible hours which are project based. This gives you the ability to complete a task, without compromising the other factors in your life. You can do so much virtually these days and can even ask to work from home. This would not work if you are a doctor, for example. There are those jobs that are only doable in a set environment. Do you mind working night shifts or would you prefer to work during the day?

Dress code

Many people do not consider this when choosing a career path, but it is still worth mentioning. If you are a laid back person, you won’t be happy dressing up in a suite every day. This is why you need to ask yourself, what dress code you would be happy with to wear every day. This ties in with the first point, because your work environment would directly determine your dress code. You may not find many professional jobs where you can come to work in a tracksuit, but there are those companies who offer a more casual dress code.

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Your passions

Successful people will tell you that you have to do something you love if you want to be happy in your career. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a career path. You should not choose a career based on the remuneration unless that is what truly makes you happy. If you enjoy working on excel, you could start an excel homework help service. There are so many things you can do if you base it off your passions. You will be happy doing what you like and are good at. Career choices have changed and you can be anything from a makeup artist or a YouTuber these days. There are no limits and if there was ever a time when you could become anything you want, the time is now.


What are your end goals for your life? We all have goals which we believe will take us to where we want to be later in life. Do you see yourself as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or do you want to retire before 40? Whatever you want for your life, it is important to steer your ship in that direction. It would make no sense to choose to become an engineer when you really want to be a writer at the end of the day. Instead of wasting so much time doing what you think is right, you need to always be working on your goals. You could benefit more by becoming a literacy professor if your end goal is to be a writer.


There are no career options one can list as the best careers because we have become so diverse, which is an amazing thing. There are no limits anymore and youngsters will probably have more freedom of choice by the time they have to choose a career path. A lot of students become entrepreneurs because they are not comfortable being stuck in a dead end job. You want to be happy in your job and you can only find happiness if you get up in the morning ready to take on the day. There are no short-cuts, but you can plan ahead and the road might seem shorter.

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