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9 Jan 2017




          It is without doubt that today in many institutions, sexual assault and manipulation between male lecturers and their female students is on the increase especially in Nigerian institutions, a lot of female students are manipulated just so that these lecturers can satisfy their selfish desires.

Many female students whether they are beautiful or not often fall into the traps of these lecturers especially when they are brilliant. When a male lecturer notices how brilliant a lady in his class is, he will in one way or the other alter her results knowing fully well that she will come to protest. When she comes to complain, he will talk her into believing that that is her result and therefore if she wants to have an ‘A’, she should sleep with him, and most times the lady is naive, she does not report the lecturer because he has warned her that she will never graduate if she does and so she fulfils his desires by making out with him in order to secure her result.

Female students who are not brilliant are also targets of these male lecturers. A lecturer invites his female student to his office, tells her about how bad she is academically and tells her she could have the highest scores in the class only if she accepts to have sexual intercourse with him. The lady sees this as an opportunity knowing fully well how bad she is academically and so she accepts the man’s proposal. Little wonder we have a lot of half-baked graduates today. Imagine a youth corps member who studied computer science and was asked to teach the same computer science in a secondary school and she said she does not know anything about computer. What a shame. One must also note that sometimes male lecturers are the ones lured into the act by their female students. A female student goes without invitation to her lecturer’s office and starts seducing him, also telling him how she knows she is bad academically and saying she is ready to offer him her body if only she will get an ‘A’ in his course at the end of the day. Unfortunately this lecturer with little or no self-control often finds himself in the hands of the lady.

A female student from a very humble background could also be a target. She is going through a lot of financial problems and needing someone to confide in, she goes to a lecturer whom she holds in high esteem only to hear the rubbish coming from his mouth. He says he can help her with money or any other thing she wants on one condition: that she sleeps with him. Some ladies turn down the offer but the desperately desperate ones accept the condition. It is just a pity that these acts are still prevalent in countries like Nigeria even among the elite.

One must also note that there is no problem without a solution, therefore there are escape routes to these sexual manipulations.

One major way of curbing these illicit practices is for the institution managements to put in place stiff penalties for male lecturers who are caught or found to be guilty of such practices, also in the case where the lecturer was lured into the act by a female student, both of them should be punished.

It is very obvious that Nigeria as a country though has the resources cannot yet provide free education for its citizens unlike other developed countries where resources are better managed. So in this wise, state governments should be able to provide bursary no matter how small for its indigenes who are students in various institutions around the country so that they can at least pay their school fees rather that engage in sexual relationships with their lecturers who take advantage of their vulnerability.

Students should also be encouraged to study hard to earn their marks legitimately rather than depend on any lecturer.

Also female students should endeavour to report any randy lecturer who refuses to award them their hard-earned scores unless they give in to his sexual desires. It is noteworthy that these reports should be chanelled to the appropriate authorities.

With all these measures being in place, I am sure sanity will be brought back to our institutions in regards to sexual manipulation.

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