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25 Jan 2017

Making The Best Use Of Your Time At NYSC Camp

Making the best use of your time at NYSC Camp

National Youth Service Corps is a program set up to unify different tribes of the country together and make them serve their fatherland. Some corp members think of how to cope in the NYSC Camp. Here are 5 ways you can use to maximise your time in the camp:

1. Run a small business:
More often than not, most graduates will be given teaching positions in their various places of deployment and this usually affords them a large amount of off time to do other things. One of which is run a side business. Look for an opportunity (if any) and key in.

2. Socialize and make new friends:
Following the motif behind the establishment of this program, the year long service time will place you in a new environment with all sorts of new people. Mixing, listening and learning from them will broaden your horizon and leave you with a richer perspective of our great nation. You’ll be surprised how many new things you’ll learn about Nigeria and connections you will make that just might serve you well in the future. It will also leave you with a lot of fun stories to tell.

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3. Join the Orientation Broadcasting Service:
The OBS is a great way to use your time effectively during the 2 week orientation time in camp. Working in the OBS will give you the opportunity to meet key officers in camp and will sharpen your media and broadcasting skills.

4. Do an online course:
Service time can be one of great self development. Taking an online course is an excellent way of doing just that. You will end up learning new skills that will buffer up your resume and the flexible nature of these courses won’t keep you from meeting your job demands.

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5. Start applying for jobs:
Don’t wait till the end of your service year before you start looking for job. Prepare your Curriculum Vitae(CV), apply for jobs and attend interviews. You can get a job while you’re still serving and even if you don’t get a job, you’ll gain a lot of experience by writing applications to different companies and attending interviews.

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