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How To Make This Semester Your Best
26 Jun 2017

How To Make This Semester Your Best As An Undergraduate!

Quite a number of things can make up our semester, that is, making it the best but I would write on general things but focusing more on academics since that is our sole aim on campus.

Know yourself: – Knowing one’s self is very important. It may sound funny but we need to recognize how and when we read best. We have people who are day readers and also have the night readers, we need to recognize which one is the better one among the two and utilize it well.

Get a good study place: – Getting a suitable place for study is rarely mentioned but it is very important. There are places we go to read and half of the time we find out that we are just looking around or probably thinking of something irrelevant. In this stead, identify where you know you read and get the best out of your time.

Group discussion: – I’m very sure we are all aware of this that on campus, one of the keys to succeeding is by having group discussions and it really helps in some courses, especially borrowed course.

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Meet your lecturers: – There is no crime in walking up to your lecturers and getting to know them. It is actually one of the best tips. But when meeting your lecturers, observe the normal courtesy although relating with lecturers of opposite sex requires care. But make sure you are official, friendly and polite.

Know your peers: – Knowing your peers is very useful as this makes you know those to be close with, those to always familiarize with and those to keep on Hi Hi greeting notes.

Balance up your social and academic life: – I do say that on campus your social life should not be less than 15% but even though academics is your main priority so it’s wise to balance the two, so it would not affect you adversely.

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Time management: – Time is one big issue a lot of people battle with, but it becomes very easy to deal with when you realize that time is not a friend nor an enemy to anyone, so all you have to do is to manage your time even if it costs you to draw a timetable of what to accomplish for the day.

Asking: – Asking as it looks and sounds simple is very important at every time in our life for us not to miss little details. You have to cultivate the habit of asking. You don’t know everything.

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Personal hygiene: – In whatever you do on campus, your health must come first because “health is wealth“. Good health will earn you good grades, so take good and proper care of yourself, eat well and also sleep well

God: – In whatever we do, we have to put God first and definitely the semester will turn out to be the best.

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