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Long Vacation VS Short Breaks - Which Is Better For Students?
20 Jun 2017

Long Vacation VS Short Breaks – Which Is Better For Students?

This topic should be treated as a debate because in a real sense the two have their merits and demerits. I feel that the long vacation should be better for students since long vacations create an opportunity to learn and unlearn.

Here I mean,  when students are on long vacations they have the opportunity to learn and gain some more skills and knowledge. For example, a student that has been aspiring to learn tailoring which has been a long time passion can only get the chance during the long break. Also, there are some knowledge we have gained in school that need to be tried out, a long break will give you the opportunity to learn new things, unlearn and at the same time relearn.

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Secondly, long breaks open an avenue to rest. In most cases, some students do prefer to stay in school during short breaks since it is just like going to school to get a nap but for a long break, you get the chance to rest well and be fully ready for the semester ahead. Also in school, we have students who have sleepless nights during examination and I believe such students need a long break to recover a lot since the state of their health is very important and there are a lot of dangers sleepless nights can cause.

Furthermore, long breaks create avenue to change something about one’s self, with these, it means that during the long break you tend to rebrand something about yourself, probably last semester you know fully well that you had some problem in some courses and this was as a consequence of not planning ahead, so long break will give you the opportunity to rethink and know where you missed it and fully realize what you have to start doing to have the best semester ahead.

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Lastly, an internship is an employment opportunity that students get for a period of time to gain experience in a particular field and this with no doubt can only be achieved fully during a long break.

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