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eduregard essay contest 2017
12 Oct 2017


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I am here at the drop of a hat, not beating around the bush so I will be cutting to the chase by making you to understand “ LITERATURE”. Literature is the historical development of writings in prose or poetty which we derive entertainment, education, information, also communicate with us to reader, eye witness, auditors, as well as the advancement of the literacy techniques used in writing all these bit.

It will interest you to know the reason why I have chosen Literature over other topics. Yes I choose Literature, take for example to convince you why Literature as always be part of our daily time.

Literature widen our science, okay how do I mean. When you read, write, think, imaginate and observe, explore all of these are all in the study of Literature. After you most have perfect these elementary e.g. Skill, Comprehension, Analysis and Interpretation when you get from Literature it then better your life.

Studying Literature and watching personal reactions to the success of been literate will definitely make you aware of your own value.


Literature skills are very vital in our every aspect of life. Reading, Writing, Broadcasting, Ana and Clarification, Documentation and every other areas of study and reflection of personal values, now you see how and why Literature is part of life because there are no areas Literature skills do not influence.

It will interest you to know that it is only in Literature that we are able to build our critical thinking skills, addressing humanity, better writing skills. Literature appreciates other cultures and beliefs. “How does this happen” when you read about history, anthropology, or religions studies provides a method of learning about cultures and beliefs other than your own.” It helps as to know and experience these other systems of living and other world. You will be able to look into the leap of the past.

When we understand Literature very well even after our death because is inevitable, we will never be forgotten, we always be remembered as an asset to our Family, Friend, Our Nation and in fact to the World..

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“To the world, how”: okay let take for example of our great poets such as William shakespeare of British. I was not even born when He was alive and even when most of his books were been published but today am making use of his knowledge derived from understanding Literature like Romeo and Juliet which came out in my waec exam and Hamlet so as Edgar Allan poe an American poet, Chinua Achebe from Nigeria, Robindranan Fagore from Indian, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche Nigerian poet also Voltaire a French poet. They are so many of them but not alive today and here we are remembering and talking about them not because I or you know them when they were alive we kept remembering them because they understand what Literature is and their effort is immensely helping us today in the world.


Most people have become Lawyer, an historian, medical doctor “medical doctor?”! yes it is possible because they also study humanities and writing newscaster, journalist, writer, publisher, auditors e.t.c so many of job opportunities when you understand Literature and go for it, Olu Jacob, Ramsey, Noah, Kunle Afonlayan, Bimbola Akintola. All these people and more of them understand importance of Literature and all their actions is from knowledge of Literature.

The more we go for the knowledge of Literature the more we will be successful and useful in the future.

I have given you an example of our great poet and some of our actors/actress that as contributed to our life’s.

Take this home “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.

Regardless of how we feel about Literature, Literature had a huge impact on history, culture, lifestyle and the world know more about the past today through the help of Literature.

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