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[PDF] Basic Concepts In Pharmacology Textbook

[PDF] Basic Concepts In Pharmacology Textbook


Basic Concepts in Pharmacology 4th Edition eBook PDF Free Download

What You Need to Know for Each Drug Class

Edited By Janet L. Stringer

Publisher: McGraw Hill     eBook Format: PDF

This Basic Concepts in Pharmacology, 4th Edition is edited by Janet L. Stringer. This Fifth Edition provides you with a complete framework for studying and understanding the fundamental principles of drug actions. With this unique learning system, you’ll be able to identify must-know material, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, minimize memorization, streamline your study, and build your confidence. Basic Concepts in Pharmacology presents drugs by class, details exactly what you need to know about each class, and reinforces key concepts and definitions.

Recognize the concepts you truly must know before moving on to other material
Understand the fundamental principles of drug actions
Organize and condense the drug information you must remember
Review key information, which is presented in boxes, illustrations, and tables
Identify the most important drugs in each drug class
Seven sections specifically designed to simplify the learning process and help you gain an understanding of the most important concepts:
General Principles
Drugs That Affect the Autonomic Nervous System
Drugs That Affect the Cardiovascular System
Drugs That Act on the Central Nervous System
Chemotherapeutic Agents
Drugs That Affect the Endocrine System
Miscellaneous Drugs (Includes Toxicology and Poisoning)


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