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Ònkà Yorùbá – Yorùbá Number Transcription System

Ònkà Yorùbá – Yorùbá Number Transcription System


The research work aims to develop a number transcription system for converting numbers to their Standard Yorùbá (SY) textual representation. This was done to provide a basis for research and development of number normalisation in SY Text to Speech (TTS).

The software was able to generate multiple correct representations for numbers in Yorùbá language. The software produced 100 % accuracy on the computation underlying the numeral names and their representation. The results obtained in this study has confirmed our hypothesis that the Yorùbá numeral system has a systematic concept underlying it and this concept can be computationally analysed using modern knowledge of computing.

The application has an online version hosted at http://num2yor.appspot.com


Akinadé,   O. O.,   & Ọdẹ́jọbí,   Ọ. A. (2014). Computational modelling of Yorùbá numerals in a number-to-text conversion system. Journal of Language Modelling,   2(1),   167-211.


Akinadé, O. O., and Ọdẹ́jọbí, Ọ. A.. – Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Download Ònkà Yorùbá Software for Windows


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