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Heat Transfer Handbook by Adrian Bejan, Joseph

Heat Transfer Handbook by Adrian Bejan, Joseph


Book Title : Heat Transfer Handbook
Author(s)  : Adrian Bejan, Joseph H
Publisher   : John Wiley
Edition      : First
Pages         : 1481
Size            : 20 Mb

Book Description:
The Heat Transfer Handbook by the authors Adrian Bejan, Joseph H book provides succinct hard data, formulas and specifications for the critical aspects of heat transfer, offering a reliable, hands on resource for solving day-to-day issues across a variety of applications.

From the basics to the state of the art, this book is the complete single source handbook of need to know information in the industry. With today’s professionals in mind, thirty world-renowned experts contribute cutting edge concepts and applications, as well as insights into the current state of the field and the latest technologies.

For engineers and researchers, the Heat Transfer Handbook by Adrian Bejan, Joseph H is the fast and accurate solution to their everyday needs.



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