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1 Nov 2015

[LATEST] List of Scholarships for Nigerian Primary and Secondary School Students

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Talking of Complete List of Scholarships for Nigerian Primary and Secondary School Students, this is quite different from undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria, obviously. Here we talk about Masters and Phd scholarships as they are both postgraduate studies. Scholarships are aids and one of the most effective ways to earn extra income as a student.
Therefore, Scholarships are available for postgraduate students in Nigeria from various bodies to study in both Nigerian or foreign Universities or rather Colleges abroad. Some are full tuition scholarships that span within a range of time, some are one-tie payment while others only offer a specified amount.
Therefore, we have took the pain to compile a complete list of Postgraduate scholarships available for Nigerians and probably other Africans. Note that the list is never complete and the post is meant to be updated with time, so endeavor to always check back or better still, subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates to your inbox.

Students at primary and secondary (or post-secondary) school levels in Nigeria have a number of scholarships open for them to apply to. These awards, usually sponsored by local and foreign private companies and individuals, may in very few cases be sponsored by the Nigerian government (at either Federal or States level).

It is important to note that, although most scholarships are offered every year, yet there are set deadlines within which to apply. If you miss to apply before or on the set deadline, you may apply the very next year.

Study & Scholarships, in its usual exemplary manner, has decided to compile and publish the below-list of constantly-growing scholarships for primary and secondary school students in Nigeria.

Scholarships for Primary and Secondary School Students

  1. Globacom GBAM Scholarships for Nigerian students
    The GBAM Scholarships, a major aspect of Globacom’s youth program – the G-BAM Hi5ive program, empowers both the Secondary and Tertiary (University, College of Education, Polytechnic) student community in Nigeria by offering a scholarship of $5 million for 1, 000 students. The scholarship benefits include 5000 US Dollars ($5, 000) worth of scholarship for 250 students every quarter. Other benefits to be made known later. There is no specific deadline for applications, as this is an ongoing offer…
  2. Shell Nigeria Secondary School Scholarship Scheme
    The Shell Nigeria Secondary School Scholarship Scheme is for host communities in Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Imo and Rivers states. Every year, an average of 2, 600 post-primary scholarships are awarded in the seven states. The Scheme is to help students pay through school, as well as enhance academic achievement in host communities. This scholarship is advertised in National Newspapers when application starts..
  3. Chevron’s Agbami Special Scholarships Programme
    Chevron, in its continuous support for capacity building in the Nigerian health and Engineering sectors, offer the “Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals Scholarship” to secondary school and college students. Approved fields of study are: Medicine/Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering (All Fields), Nursing and Midwifery, AND Medical Lab Sciences/Technology. Scholarship winners will be awarded a one-off financial aid…
  4. OANDO Nigeria Scholarships for Secondary School Students
    Oando Marketing Limited has been providing scholarships for children as part of our Secondary School Children’s Scholarship Project, which was initiated in 2005. The project provides secondary school educational scholarships to 12 children in the Bundu and Onne communities collectively.
    The scholarship, which is awarded annually, is given to indigent students of the communities who are identified and recommended by the communities based on their financial and other special needs. The aim of the scholarship award programme is to shoulder the financial burden of the children’s education for an initial five-year period.

    Gaslink Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Oando Gas and Power initiated its Back-To-School scholarship programme for 100 primary and secondary children in Ikeja and the Greater Lagos area. The scholarships are awarded to children who had dropped out of school or who had never had the opportunity of formal basic education due to financial constraints.

  5. Merry Hearts Scholarship for Nigerian pre-university students
    The Merry Hearts Scholarship Fund, an initiative of The Merry Hearts Foundation (MHF) Inc., reaches out to underprivileged pre-university youths in impoverished regions of the world. The Foundation is constantly seeking ways to make a significant impact in educating and improving living conditions for those in need. Provisions include financial, moral, material and intellectual support in equipping students with the tools they need to succeed academically and socially…
  6. Nigerian Girls Scholarship Fund
    This program provides financial assistance to needy girls entering senior secondary school in Kano and Katsina states of northern Nigeria, where the number of girls out of school is extremely high. The program supports the scholarship recipients until they graduate. Each scholar will be chosen on the basis of her academic record, financial need and service to her community. PCNAF is collaborating with the Kano-based Inclusive Community Education and Development Association (ICEADA) to implement the program…
  7. Young Women’s Scholarship Program
    The Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation (PCNAF) and the Association of Nigerian Women Leaders in Diaspora (ANWLD) are collaborating to award two $1000 scholarships to promising female college students of Nigerian heritage in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The scholarship program helps ease the financial burden of students with outstanding academic and leadership potential who are facing difficulties securing the funds needed to complete their undergraduate studies because they have an international student visa and cannot seek outside employment to finance their education.

– See more at: http://www.studyandscholarships.com/2014/01/scholarships-for-primary-and-secondary-school-students.html#sthash.08yRWuLz.dpuf

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