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The Joy And Concern Of A Final Year Brethren
10 Jun 2017

The Joy And Concern Of A Final Year Brethren


Getting admitted into a higher institution of learning is no doubt an emotional experience, especially if one has had to wait for a while. For many, that moment they realize they’ve been admitted is the greatest moment of their lives.

No words, however finely crafted can describe the feeling that courses through one’s veins and no article however detailed can relay the experience; the incredible joy, the terrific rush of adrenaline and the insane relief that overwhelms a freshly admitted student.

But then, like everything else that the law of diminishing effect applies to, the feeling soon reaches a crescendo and eventually descends; subsides with time and soon completely vanishes, say, after one or two semesters of rigorous, vigorous and regimented academic exercise. It is not surprising therefore that the once overjoyed student might, sooner rather than later, begin to wish for the end to come. After all, life is in phases and one must not dwell on an accomplishment for too long lest one gets lost in the reverie.

Now of course, the final year marks the beginning of the end, the last lap of a thoroughly-demanding academic journey and it is not hard to imagine the joy that comes with knowing with absolute certainty that it’ll all be over soon: the sleepless nights, the ‘hunger strikes’, the stress, the deadlines and well, several other not-so-pleasant phenomena students have to endure.

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Final year on campus is also very eventful and final year brethren get overwhelmed by a lot of fun activities which includes, but is not limited to sport mountaineering, traditional nights and dinner – these activities are made even more interesting by the subtle consciousness that any of those occasions might be the last time the whole class get to be in the same place at the same time.

For those who have postponed certain activities since their very first year on campus, final year is the time to throw caution to the wind and actually do those things one’s heart has always yearned for, because there is no debating the fact that there won’t be another chance and no one wants to graduate with a sense of nonfulfillment.

But it’d be a terrible lie if I told you that the final year of ‘brethren’ is all exciting and glamorous, because the final stretch, the final journey to cap and gown is also a time to reflect deeply on what has come before and the humongous task that lie ahead.

It is time to face reality, to figure out the next plan, and fast, to come to terms with the truth that the world out there is totally harsh, totally wild, a time to admit to oneself the fact that it only gets harder from there and to embrace the fact that life, in its real sense is just about to begin!

Having only recently gone through the experience myself, dear reader, believe me when I say that being a final year brother can be incredibly terrifying because final year means that the end is really nigh; and the eternal importance of grades, keeping up with extra-curricular activities and spending time with friends one might never see again brings a strange mix of emotions; of joy and concern.


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