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JAMB UTME VS POST UTME - Which One Is More Difficult
5 Mar 2016

JAMB UTME VS POST UTME – Which One Is More Difficult

This is often a common question when it comes to Gaining Admission In Nigeria. Which one is more difficult between JAMB UTME and POST UTME’s, be it that of university or polytechnic is a question we are here to partially answer and shine a broad light on.

First of all, talking of JAMB examination. It is a university entrance examination in Nigeria organized by JAMB board. It is a general madate that any Nigerian student seeking admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria must pass through the JAMB UTME process.
Due to suspected or rather real wide spread of chats concerning examination malpractice associated with JAMB UTME exam, universities in Nigeria took a decision, some years back to start conducting their own post JAMB screening exercises in order to ensure proper candidates scrutiny and hinder candidates with high JAMB score achieved through malpractice from gaining admssion. This is how University Post UTME screening came about Nigeria education system.

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Now, Lets take a look at the advantages of these exams so from there we know how to narrow down our analysis.

Uniform Standard Of JAMB UTME and POST UTME

JAMB UTME exam is a unified exam, meaning it is organized by a single organization, JAMB, which has set their examination standard from outset. All candidates participating in the examination and relating to particular subject matters will answer the same questions and it makes use of the similar examination syllabus.
Considering Post UTME examinations for Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics, the difference is clear. Each post UTME examination is handled by a particular institution and the questions vary from one to another. There is no detailed syllabus for post UTME examinations. This shosw that candidates planning for JAMB examination are more aware about the examination manner and structure, also the type of questions to expect in the examination, unlike Post UTME exams. So if we are to consider only this option, JAMB UTME is simpler than POST UTME.

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Post UTME Past Question Accessibility

Even though having access and using examination past questions does not guarantee success in the examination, it gives an upper hand. It is actually easier to get a compact JAMB UTME past question, both online and hard copy. You can Download JAMB UTME Past Questions For Free HERE. Some Nigerian Universities and polytechnics also make it easy to get their Post UTME past questions while for some it is extremely hard. But the upside is, post utme past questions are not as bulky and complicated as JAMB UTME’s, and they often contain limited errors. With this, don’t you think JAMB UTME is easier??

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Availability Of Tutors For POST UTME

Getting assistance from a tutor or getting tutorials for post UTME examination is a bit difficult especially if you are not around the area of your institution.  It is practically easier to find a tutor that can help you with your JAMB examination preparation as their are even too much of them around you.

How hard is the two exams?

Well, It is very difficult to compare JAMB UTME and POST UTME directly since Post UTME varies from institution to institution unlike JAMB exam which is the same for all students.

Based on these facts, many will argue that it will be more easy to pass a JAMB UTME examination than post UTME examination. It’s left to you. Drop your argument below.

NOTE: The JAMB UTME CBT 2018 Practise software is out, you can download here.

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