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23 Jan 2018

Jamb UTME CBT Software – A Must Have For JAMB 2018 Practice

Jamb UTME CBT software – A must have for jamb 2018 practice.

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a body that organizes examination for every student seeking admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria; University, Polytechnic, College of Education, College of Health, College of Forestry et al. UTME is the name of the examination. However, all candidate must pass the test before he/she can consider as an admitted student.

Computer Based Test (CBT) software is practicing software developed for all jambites to prepare them and to build their mind’s full potential and to pass jamb UTME easily. However, passing UTME is not all about how brilliant student is but how smart he/she is, to answer those questions within the limited time.


Remember, you nobody will paddle the canoe of your life for you, your destination lies with what you do with your hand and time. A student should take responsibility for your learning, motivate yourself, set your goals and start working productively so that when you do your JAMB exam, you will feel confident. Have your CBT software today, start working with it and believe in yourself. Let yourself esteem, and your knowledge speaks for you. Believing in yourself is half the battle.

If you opt for JAMB CBT practice software, you will learn each subject at your convenient time and also from a station of your choice. This JAMB CBT software will help you to take training under able trainer of your choice, even though the trainer location is in the other world.

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The UTME CBT software will help the trainees to learn each subject without the help of a third party. Also, the trainer has provided a section where scores for every practice can be check. As part of the JAMB CBT practice software, the students have an opportunity to work on possible questions. It will further help them to be familiar with problems; have insight knowledge on how to tackle questions. Students can as well interact and work those JAMB CBT practice software questions with their colleagues, which will add more advantage in acquiring better insight into practicing JAMB CBT software.


This JAMB CBT offline software generates a simulated and randomized JAMB CBT questions on past JAMB/UTME questions.

The JAMB/UTME will time the user automatically and time can be set manually as well, mark and score the examination automatically. It grades the user, shows the performance report; analyses the right question and the wrong ones.


  1. Categories By Topics – gain mastery of any topic by practicing questions from any topic of interest.
  2. It contains over 10,000 Questions Offline – practice authentic JAMB/UTME past questions from 15 subjects with detailed explanations.
  3. Rich Result Analysis – it shows results and detailed analysis on how you perform on an exam.
  4. Ability to Practice different subjects at once – you can practice different topic at a time.
  5. In Dependence – It doesn’t involve the third party before students or trainees can start practicing.
  6. No Expiration of the Software – continues to function as long as your phone/ computer stays alive!
  7. No Subscription Fee – once activated forever activated for all subjects!


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