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Nickzom Desktop Application For Complete Automated Calculations
Introducing The Nickzom Desktop Software - Sponsored Post
18 Jan 2016

Introducing Nickzom Desktop App – Software For Complete Automated Calculations

Nickzom is a windows desktop calculation-based application empire that helps one to carry out his or her simple or difficult calculations on Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Switches based on its available contents and at the same time lays out the solution(s) and steps for quick and easy understanding.

The goal of this app is to provide one with solutions and steps to his or her calculations available within the app’s contents and any problem one faces.

In Engineering, Nickzom covers:
In Engineering, Nickzom covers:

Basic Electrical
Basic Electronics
Laplace Transform
Linear Algebra
Linear Programming
A Little On Ordinary Differential Equation

There are so many other sub topics in this major topics. For Example in Linear Algebra, Nickzom can calculate Matrix Arithmetic, Inverse of a Matrix, Determinant of a Matrix, Transpose of a matrix, Adjoint of a matrix, Minors and Cofactors of a matrix. It can also solve simultaneous equation using matrix method. Not only that in matrix arithmetic, one can perform any of this operation: Addition and Subtraction of a matrix, Multiplication of matrices, Multiplication of a matrix by a scalar, Division of a matrix.

In Mathematics, Nickzom covers with there are many sub topics under too:

Algebraic Identities
Arithmetic Progression
Binomial Series
Complex Numbers
Compound Interest
Cosine Rule
Geometric Progression
Latitude and Longitude
Linear Equation
Partial Fraction
Permutation and Combination
Pythagoras Theorem
Quadratic Equation
Simple Interest
Simultaneous Equation
Sine Rule
Tangent Rule

For Example: In Statistics, Nickzom can perform operations with discrete data with and without frequencies and continuous data. Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion and other measures such as Skewness (Karl Pearson’s, Quartile and Kelly), Kurtosis, Moment, Correlation and Regression.

In Physics, Nickzom covers:

Electric Field
Energy Quantization
Equilibrium Of Forces
Gas Laws
Gravitational Field
Heat Energy
Magnetic Field
Simple A.C. Circuit
Wave-Particle Behaviour
Work, Energy and Power

For Example: In Motion, Nickzom can handle finding all the parameters of the first four equations of motion and other parameters such as reaction, time, frequency, angular velocity, angular displacement etc.

In Switches, Nickzom covers:

Temperature Switches
Base Switches
Coordinates Switches

For Example: In Coordinate Switches, Nickzom can handle Cartesian to polar, Cartesian to Cylindrical, Cartesian to Spherical and In Base Switches, Nickzom can handle Binary to Decimal, Octal to Binary etc.

To download this desktop application visit http://www.nickzom.org
There is a video there already that shows you how Nickzom Desktop Application Version 1.0 is operated. You are free to click and watch the video – It’s Entertaining.

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