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4 Sep 2018

Introducing “The Kung Fu Student” – By Gracious Egedegbe

The Kung Fu Student: An Introduction

To begin with, this column has nothing to do with karate-like kicks, jumps or any form of acrobatic movements. It is rather concerned with intellectual excellence. In this column, every week principles in skills, attitudes and procedures will be revealed. The proper application of these principles will inevitably lead to intellectual success in both academics and application.

The term ‘Kung Fu’ is from the Chinese word ‘gongfu’, literally “merit master. In a broader sense, it means supreme skill from hard work. It is the result of constant training until one reaches the zenith of the world he is in. to bring it home, to achieve the state of Kung Fu is to have mastered all that there is in your given field.

Whether you are a business executive who is trying to get ahead of the competition or JSS 3 science student trying to make sense of chemistry and physics, these principles apply no matter whom you are.

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Why should you bother to follow the series?

There is nothing as painful as watch other succeed and yet you remain at your current level; not because you cannot also succeed but because you refused to apply yourself. In the end, you will have to look back in regret.

You might tell yourself that you cannot achieve the Kung Fu state in your chosen field. That is a big lie, and even more reason why you should follow this series. For in there, principles will be methodically laid out in simple formats that are easy to understand and practice.


Finally, you will be a source of inspiration and pride to those around you. Success is contagious. This will create a demand for your skills and respect for your person. Even more, you will be a trailblazer and someone to reckon with.

Get ready! The journey will be long and tasking but the rewards will surely be worth it.

Gracious Egedegbe

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