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10 Nov 2017

INTERNSHIP: another way to acquire practical skills and overcome unemployment 2

Some companies offer internships to students just for the company’s selfish gains. They expect interns to work full-time for no pay while they fail on their on part to provide the environment for such interns to acquire the relevant skills they require to be successful in their respective disciplines. Such companies use students on part time or full time basis to work in vacant positions even if such positions are not in line with their various fields of study or areas of specialisation.



Despite the fact that some companies take advantage of young professionals, an internship programme offers enormous benefits to the trainees.


Some of these benefits are:



Internship helps students to learn how their course of study apply to the real world. It allows students apply the theoretical knowledge that is learnt in schools to their actual fields. It is a link between school and the professional world.

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Students gain more confidence and feel a sense of accomplishment when they can contribute to the productivity of an organisation.



Internship prepares the intern for his/her dream job. It helps the student to learn more about a field through practical experience. When an intern has an experience of a particular field he/she may decide either to remain in that field or make another career choice before it gets too late.



Internship may lead to an employment opportunity for the intern. Firms do retain hardworking and exceptional trainees. It is important for an intern to be well behaved while under an internship programme.

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Even if the job opportunity does not come immediately after the completion of the programme, some companies do call back exceptional ex interns to offer them full-time job as soon as there is a vacant position that can be filled by such ex trainees.



An internship is a great opportunity for students to meet people in their specific fields. Since internship places the interns under the supervision of professionals in their fields, students can make connections with these professionals that may pay off later in the future. A supervisor may qualify as a mentor or referee.



A job seeker who has undergone an internship programme has advantage over other job applicants who do not have such an experience. Internship enhances resume by showing recruiters that the applicant does not only possess theoretical knowledge but also know how to apply them.

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Internship can really help a job applicant stand out among others. It provides evidence that the applicant has skills, initiatives and sense of responsibility.



Internship and its various forms i.e. practicum and industrial training (IT) allow students to acquire course credits while working and learning in a professional setting. Students of the faculty of education under the practicum programme at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, for example, are graded and given course credits according to their individual performances at the end of the session. Such internships that are included in the trainee’s transcript are more valued by employers.

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