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24 Mar 2016

Impacts Of Fuel Scarcity On Nigerian Students

As the lingering shortfall in the supply of petroleum and similar products to Nigerians continues, school children, university students and other classes of educationally related users, being my major focus, are feeling the impact of the scarcity the more. It’s no news, neither is it a bone of contention, that the unavailability or rather shortage and inflated price of fuel in Nigeria for days now is serving as a source of canker-worm eating deep into the woods of education and having impacts, mostly negative on students and education enthusiasts. As at yesterday, the fuel scarcity that has not abated completely has not shown any sign of respite as many filling stations remained closed.

The most amazing part of the scenario is whether PHCN now makes use of petroleum in its power supply, they also resorted to withdrawal of power once there is scarcity of fuel, and now, no light, no fuel and the weather is even hot! Maybe this is just a mere coincidence but it’s not for me to tell.

Here are, in case the Government doesn’t know, some of the Impacts Of Fuel Scarcity On Nigerian Students.

Many school children whose parents and schools could not get petrol from the filling stations were stranded as few of them resorted to the use of commercial motorcyclists to drop their wards in school. But now, the so-called motorcyclists popularly known as okada riders are dropping the key, no one can afford to get a fuel of #400 per litre and make #300 out of it then it’s exhausted. Now, how are the students expected to get to school, fly? Or rather trek? Question for whosoever is in the best position to answer.

You will see the so-called students running up and down in jubilation like they just won a trophy on the announcement that there is no means of transportation to school, for them it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to scape through the intimidating voice of a formal teacher and pull some stunts. There they go, on an adventure, then they are inspired to go through all sorts of adventures not expected of them. “An idle hand is the devil’s workshop they say”, quite right.
Referring to myself on my way to my present location, I saw an ATM machine and I was like “And I desperately need to charge o, what about disconnecting that ATM machine and charge for some minutes…”. All thanks to the spirit of God, I would have done it.

It’s no new that following a mild protest by the students of the University of Ibadan, (UI) over shortage of water and lack of power supply on the campus, which is attributed to fuel scarcity, the institution’s authorities have suspended lectures for two weeks and ordered the students to vacate the school immediately. The idea does not sound nice enough but there is nothing the school authority could have done if the situation was to be weighed on all sides. Now our leaders of tomorrow have to go on and off like electricity in Nigeria.

Hello Sir, we are all in class now waiting impatiently for you“, that’s the voice of a class representative on phone with a 301 course lecturer…The thick voice at the other end replied: “Are you not aware of the present situation of the nation, I’m here in my house reading newspaper as there’s no fuel to get down there, you all can start reading your previous notes as I will drop a bomb-like test come next class“… We all know our lecturers do not like classes that much, giving them something that serves as an excuse is like giving 50 bunches of banana to a monkey.

This is due to the shortage of transport means to various lecture theatres. After waiting a whole 30minutes to get a bike, the motorcyclist refused to hasten up by putting off the power of the bike as he was coasting down freely on the sloppy road. Ordering him to kick up the bike as I was getting late, he said “Abeg bros make I make use of this slope small, at least I will save some fuel”. He was pitied and I finally got late for the class.

Our Government should kindly consider the students and swiftly take a step towards the rectification of the present predicament, Nigeria is our home and we have nowhere to run to go, or rather for the mean time as we complete our education.

He who talks and chill lives to talk another day, I hereby drop my pen as I continue hustling for a charging spot…

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