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16 Nov 2015

How To Write An Interview-Fancy CV

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Truth be told, there is no magic to CV writing. Your CV simply needs to be relevant to the requirements of a job before it could be considered for shortlisting. The secret to writing an interview friendly CV is to abide by these provisions:

Ensure you are fit – Whenever there is a job vacancy, request for application or submission of CV, you need to be real with yourself in deciding either to apply or not to apply. Many times we see job vacancies that we feel we can handle successfully but the requirements becomes way off our reality. A good example will be the need for a particular age bracket, years of experience and from a particular industry etc.

Case of a Job Vacancy – A job requires 12 years of experience from the Financial Sector with a minimum of 3 years spent at Senior Management Level. With the exception of the task and expectations from this role, it is obvious the Recruiter is settled on what kind of talent can get the job done. This is premised on 12 years on-the-job exposure, Financial Sector Experience, Senior Management/Leadership Experience with a minimum of 3 years in this grade level.

A candidate who applies with the following is likely not to be shortlisted for the Vacancy:

  • Years of Experience: 7 years
  • Industry Experience: IT & Telecoms
  • Highest Level: Middle Level
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Reason for the possibility of not being shortlisted is obvious here. It is important that a Candidate is sure of 95% fit based on key requirements before pushing forward an application. This makes meaningful Return on Effort.

Communication of Fit – Beyond establishing that you are fit for a job, you also need to know how to communicate fit within the context of the role you are applying for. This is where tailoring of CV comes to play. You cannot approach this exercise with levity because it holds the key to your possible consideration for interview. Every keyword that should be used to explain fit within the context of the role should be explored. Showcase actual involvements and results on-the-job. Only when you do this properly are you likely to scale the average ATS configuration used for shortlisting.

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Professional CV Layout and Design – For a candidate to be considered for interview using the CV as a parameter for such decision, it should pass the CV Health Test. You cannot afford to have your CV look like a sketch and then complain of not taken seriously. In this game of job hunting or job change, you should have a perfect painting that does not breed confusion. Your CV is expected to look professional and neat for it to attract the required attention.

If you can follow these 3 provisions, you are most likely to receive invite for interviews

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