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7 Dec 2015

How To Get A First Class Degree In A Nigerian University

It’s no doubt that a first class degree is difficult to achieve but not impossible. Read below on some of the tips to achieving a first class degree in a Nigerian University.

1. The very first semester is the most important: The very first semester in any tertiary institution in Nigeria is the most important and the foundation for subsequent success. Some people take the view that they will coast through the first couple of years and then really turn it on in the final year when it matters most. This is not the path to success as it is easier to build on a strong foundation early on.

2. Read a course in a subject area you are interested in: This is one of the most important tip to getting a high CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). This is because changing economic situations make certain courses especially in science and technology more valuable in the job market. Make sure you are study a course that interests you. But whatever course you end up studying, give it your 100% and you never know the possibilities that might arise from it.

3. Go extra miles to learn: Most Lecturers and Professors in Nigerian Universities only provide basic guidance for topics and assignments. As the master of your own destiny it is your responsibility to find time with your lecturers or yourself and make sure you have interpreted the question correctly and are on track with your research/school work. This extra effort is viewed favourably by lecturers and will surely be rewarded.

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4. Find a good study partner: The reason is that you could be the smartest person in the world but chances are someone else is going to think of an idea that you would never consider. You cant be an island of your own. Be careful though in choosing your buddies especially in avoiding the problems associated with peer pressure and jealousy. Team or study groups are also valuable. However, beware of group work and plagiarism as lecturers can easily spot original work and usually reward accordingly.

5. Never miss lectures: Treat all your courses importantly and give each course your 100% by attending lectures all the time. If you are continuously missing lectures then things are probably not going to turn out well for you. Remember no-one with a first class degree ever wished they had partied more, but most people with a lower class degree wished they had studied more.

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6. Time Management: There is no right time management method. It depends on yourself.Therefore, find the right balance for yourself and schedule. You have to work hard, but you also have to find time to play/relax. Do not joke with deadlines as they are extremely important in many parts of life and also crucial if you want to achieve a first class degree. Penalties could exist for late work which could lead to a reduction in your grade. Call in favours, burn the midnight oil whatever it takes but make sure you get it in on time.

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7. Limit social activities :No doubt, with the current popularity of social medias, students spend much of their time online and have harder time concentrating in class, therefore, usually distracted and have shorter attention spans. Most of us are guilty of spending hours a day on social media. Imagine all the productive school work that can be done with that time.

That should be all on How To Get A First Class Degree In A Nigerian University

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