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27 Dec 2015

Tips On How To Read And Cram As A Student

Cramming? Sounds familiar? Oh Yes, it should. It was along day chilling with friends and you’ve got a test the next morning. Chances of you reading and understanding in-depth are limited, this is where cramming comes in handy. . Even when you are not tired, some students do nothing else but cramming. They care not about reading and understanding but to just get the whole write-up in their heads and pour it down in the exam, at times it is justifiable. Cramming means to study intensively over a short period of time just before an examination, but no necessarily so, even some courses and subjects really require that you cram, they hardly have something meant for you to understand. So write on here, let’s discuss some

Tips On How To Read And Cram As A Student



1. Never Do It In Your Room

Studying in your room, apartment, or whatever you stay in can be inevitably distracting. Pick up books or computer (only if you need it) and head somewhere else. It shouldn’t necessarily be a library. It might be that eatery. Anyhow, just make sure you find a place where you can really set up and relax for a while.

2. Make Use Of The Study For 50 / Chill For 10 Rule

This is one major hint and a must-follow method of studying, because it keeps you incredibly focused. Study really hard for 50 minutes, No breaks, no sleeping off, no distractions. Make sure anytime you get distracted and stops reading for whatever reason, the 50 minutes starts all over. Once you are successful with a 50 minutes, take a 10 minutes break, probably take an aimless stroll, look for a friendly trouble, check your mail or anything just to exercise your brain. Then get back to work. Training yourself this way forces you to study hard 80% of the time, half-studying doesn’t working when it comes to cramming.

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3. Rewrite What You Read

Well, this doesn’t actually work for everyone. The best way to cram is to eliminate the filler, and whittle down your reading into a specific sheet. This makes you to figure out what’s really important and also unconsciously get them into your head as you write. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how much you learn simply by writing. You are bound to at times forget what you crammed, get back what you wrote down, read it all over and once you get it again, you might no more forget.

4. Study with a friend

Well, odds are, you’re not the only one who loves cramming. Find someone else to enjoy the feelings with, and you’ll be rewarded in two ways: you’ll realize how much you already know by asking and answering questions, and you’ll figure out what you do not know and need to study. Quiz and debate each other, two brains two good brains are always better than one, and cramming is no exception.

5. Figure out the Big Points

As well, odds are you’re not going to be able to cram every minute detail of the material you are reading. That’s normal and the more you can cram varies from person to person. Instead, spend your time focusing on major concepts, focus on lists, definitions, abbreviations and their meanings and other key points. Focus on the big stuffs first, and move on to minor ones only if you have the time.

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6. Chunk as you read

Try remembering these ten numbers: Chunking, (in psychology or linguistic analysis) means to group together (connected items or words) so that they can be stored or processed as single concepts. This can help you retain information at a much higher rate. To study with this method, follow this simple process: Come up with important terms you need to know, then try and define them. After that, come up with a few major concepts from the course material or course note, and explain them one after the other, each in a paragraph. Then, on a sheet of paper, group your terms into the concepts. Then start practicing going over a concept, and remembering the relevant terms and definitions. Learning the individual parts as they relate to a larger whole makes remembering and applying them much easier. Before you know it, you have all what you need stalked up in your brain.

7. Try To Read Out Of Order

Most people read by just reading their notes over and over again. This, believe it or not, really isn’t a helpful way of reading when it comes to cramming. Your brain doesn’t work in perfect order all the time, and neither should you. Instead, read your notes through consecutively only once. Then, randomly go back and read or read your jotted keynotes, in no order whatsoever. This helps your brain remember the information on its own, instead of simply as a part in a series. If chronology is relevant, i.e. in a history class, be careful to note chronology, but still change your orders.

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8. Read Out Loud

Reading out loud as you cram is a big trick. You can murmur, whisper, yell, sing, rap, whatever – just make sure you are talking out loud. It can’t be overstated how much easier it is to remember something you say, hear and read than something you simply read. Research says, by speaking out loud, you give your brain three stimuli to remember the material instead of just one. Your retention ability skyrockets as you talk, because you’re forced to concentrate on the material. Don’t study in your head – study aloud. Also reading aloud gives no room for emotional distractions, you concentrate on the material.

10. Sleep! Sleep!! And Sleep!!!

Sleeping is literally the single most important thing you can do after reading. Studies have shown that you wil remember incredibly more after 6 hours of sleep, and you tend to perform terribly in pressurized situations without much sleep. But keep it moderate, sleeping too much is no good for you, though that is a no-brainer.

These Tips On How To Read And Cram As A Student aren’t always the optimal methods to it. They’re just a way to help you out. Ideally, you should be studying all along, eating well, exercising constantly, and getting lots of sleep. But that’s not realistic. Good luck!!!

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