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eduregard essay contest 2017
12 Oct 2017


This country Nigeria has been a great country dominated by great people and having a record of great and past leaders who has done something great for the freedom of Nigeria from our colonial Masters (The British) among them we have; Herbert Macaulay, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Anthony Enahoro etc.

But unfortunately, some years after the Independence we noticed that there was higher rate of corruption in the country Nigeria particularly among Youth of today.

To my perspective Government are trying hundred percent of their ability to stop this but I noticed if something is not eradicated in Nigeria corruption will surely take absolute control one day.

Truly, we youth are clamoring for Government today shouting Enough is enough We Youth must  take control, But where are the Youth that want to take control?

How can we take control and the government will maintain stability? There is no Way because we Youth of today have been polluted with the Virus in Hip-Hop that spread like a communicable disease today, affecting both old and young of us. I came up with this when I was having opportunity to work around some area in Ondo State, Osun state, Ogun state and the Federal Capital territory which is Abuja seeing different people dancing nakedly in Clubs, Parties, Striping and calling it ‘one of the organized program’, the worst part I witness was tweaking (where a lady came out with just only pant and bra dancing and shaking Her body esp. bottom to the sound of the beat being played.

Imagine a lady who was interviewed on Radio station named Adaba F.M; They asked Her How old was she? She Replied saying, She was fifteen (15) years old, How Many Child have you given birth to? She Said two. Imagine that; A lady of twelve already having two children still dancing and jubilating to the sound of ‘Hiphop’ being played inside their house to welcome Her new born Baby home.

Sometimes, am always scared and sad passing in the night and seeing different song being played outside and different people being featured in those songs, sometimes I do ask myself are this people Human being as I am? Are they also having the same feelings like Me?, they are carefree they expose all package being created with them, because of this pleasure/ Money.

I believe if Hip-Hop is eradicated in Nigeria and special strict agent are choosing to monitor those act. Nigeria will grow to our expectation and our youth will grow up with better focus and will be filled with fear of God and that of men.

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