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10 Oct 2017


The film and movie making industry is littered with several professionals whose individual contribution to the success of a film cannot be undermined. There are directors, producers, script writers, camera men/women, video editors, location managers, etc. In this edition, our focus is on exploring the requirements of movie actors or actress. Nollywood, as the Nigerian movie industry is popularly called, is the third largest film industry in the world, with Hollywood(American) being the first and Bollywood(Indian) the being second. Nigerian films are watched all over the world and they have been accepted by many non Nigerians too especially because of the comic relief it provides and the insight it gives into African traditional practices.


There are people in the industry who have laboured themselves grey to ensure that the Nigerian movie industry attains international standard. These people are not just the actors and actresses but also producers, directors and script writers. Names like Kunle Afolayan, Ramsey Noah, Genevieve Nnaji, Desmond Elliot, Omotola Jolade-Ekehinde, Nse Ikpe Etim, Jim Iyke, Patience Ozokwo, Funke Akindele and a host of others. These stars didn’t become successful at what they do by mere luck but by talents, skills, opportunities and hard work. You too can become like one of these if you put your heart to it.


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The movie industry in Nigeria has always been one of the tightest competitions as history is replete with stories of the best of the best that have graced the industry even from the days of stage plays. Legends like Herbert Ogunde who made stage play popular in Nigeria and took it to great levels by his passion and commitments. In the past, it was mandatory that you studied theatre, performing or dramatic arts before considering a career in the industry as screen plays were not so common then, but now, you do not even need to study any of these courses listed above before becoming an actor or actress. All you require is talent and opportunity! Simply taking a look at the stars in the industry attests to that fact. These opportunities come in many forms; it could be soap operas, television drama series or movies. When you get this opportunity, you will most likely be asked to play an insignificant role popularly referred to as “waka pass” and not a lead role. No one will trust a major project in the hands of a novice or newbie.

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As with other careers, you would require patience and commitment as nothing ever comes easy because as you would soon realize there are many others who are as talented as you are who want the same movie role that you covet. For the ladies, it could be very challenging as they could get sexual advances from those promising them a role. Do not believe the myth that everyone does it, do not succumb to the pressure, you could have a breakthrough without having to do something wrong or immoral.

After a few insignificant roles and you proved yourself worthy, you would certainly get noticed and be given more tasking roles. From here you keep climbing that ladder. Stay humble, patient and committed to your dream. Constantly improve your worth, gain more knowledge and explore more opportunities. All that you see is not all that there is.

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