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18 Jan 2017

Good Governance And Nation Building: The Role Of Thr Youth – Ajimoti Oluwabukunmi



“Youth forms the vanguard of the nation which when properly channelized shall be instrumental in the development of the nation”- Dr. Zakir Hussain.


A New Era has been long coming, where the luxurious and comfortable sitting back and complaining of youths will be gone where they will stand up to defend, to serve their fatherland, to rise like the compatriots they are and obey the country’s call. An era where they will embrace the spirit of democracy and take up democratic actions even though the political conditions of most countries of this age do not act as a favorable ground for them to actively engage in this process, as it is obvious that the leadership cadre is filled with aged democrats who think that the role of nation building has been preserved for them exclusively and as such youth should not be given a chance. Perhaps, their stand explains why though youths are said to be leaders of tomorrow, the tomorrow never comes. This is a call to the youth to shake off the sedative feeling that this issue might have caused.


Defining the terms, a youth refers to a person who has energy, enthusiasm, and vigor, filled with tremendous and towering ambitions and driving force to get things done. Youths in Nigeria constitution refer to persons between the age 18 and 35. Good Governance and Nation building consider the prosperity, well-being and welfare of all citizens of the nation through decentralized government, properly guided bureaucracy, disciplined administration, fixed salaries, maintenance of law and order, controlling corruption, consistency in administration, integrity in administration , curbing insurgency, ensuring social security and essentially governing by standardized  rule of law with liberty, equality and fraternity before the law and equal protection under that same law.



Looking at the role of youth in light of the above, It is now obvious that the future and government of any nation lies on the good leadership and participation of young leaders, the youths, because youth is the backbone of the nation, they are the building blocks of every developed nation, without them the nation can’t be built. Their role in Nation Building and Good Governance cannot be over emphasized, it involves the active and full participation of the body of youths to promote, express or influence the course of the government positively. Unfortunately, today, they are more interested in other activities that are detrimental to their lives and the nation at large. They spend their time doing drugs, playing video games, partying, living it up, so to speak. If any body in any country is most important, again, it is the body of youths. Service and sacrifice to country and fatherland in the spirit of true patriotism must be a front burner in the heart of every youth and this means that the country’s peace, sanity and orderliness should be the utmost desire of every youth.



Youths must be the agents of change they so desire, they must use all their potentials to serve their fatherland. They must get good education as this is their primary role so that they are equipped to become better citizens and participants in democracy. Youths must help the government at all levels, resisting all forms of exploitation, bribery and corruption by individuals or groups as they take away their voices and rights and totally remove them from the big picture.


Youths must play a vital role in the elimination of terrorism, with their energy, intelligence and resources fully and properly utilized. They will have to aspire for entrepreneurship rather than the conventional employment as this goes a long way in boosting the nation’s economy.


As a result of the body of youths being the country’s power, they can recognize problems and solve them. They pose as strong forces in social movements. Youths must seek to participate in government, politics and policy formulation, shelving aside the responsibilities of joining mainstream politics and forming healthy and progressive alliances with one another even at the lowest stage of student union government of the universities and participating in all issues of national interest especially VOTING. This way, their voices will be heard and their views will be considered.

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Youths must search out and cleanse themselves of any quality pulling down the nation, having a change of character and value. For a man who wants equity must come with a clean hand, so goes the saying.

Youths must educate and sensitize the society about their rights and help younger people to attain their highest level of intellectual ability and to become qualified adults.

Conclusively, the present conditions of the world should awaken them from their slumber and make them enquire what the future holds for them because they will be the one at the suffering end. They should open their eyes to the existing conditions, study evil forces that are at play and then, with concerted efforts, arise and bring about necessary reforms. Having said that, the body of youths should pay up their pledge to serve the country and stop being comfortable with dormancy and reluctance and engage autonomy in making decisions, to build the nation


“Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause.

Guide our leaders right, help our YOUTHS the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow and live in just and truth.

Great lofty heights attained to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign” -Second Stanza, Nigeria Anthem.



78 Responses

  1. Adubi Olusheyi

    What an Amazing & Revolutionary message. If every youth can put into practice those beautiful insights……The world at large will rise beyond the stars. But it all start with YOU & ME.

  2. Fakorede Olanrewaju Ayodele

    This is a message from the throne to we youths, this is the time to make our country better and greater by showing more concern to all that happen in the country.
    You have done a beautiful job here…, keep it up sister.

  3. oladayo

    awesome piece! A better Nigeria and a better world is attainable if the potentials of the youth is properly harnessed. #Ibelieve# #itbeginswithus#

  4. Sima Ateloye

    It’s hight time the youths stood up and take responsibilities and stop giving excuses…….. Kudos to you Ajimoti Oluwa bumbum

  5. Sima Ateloye

    It’s hight time the youths stood up and take responsibilities and stop giving excuses…….. Kudos to you Ajimoti Oluwabukumi

  6. Abimbola Bukola

    This is a good rye openers to we the youths. If God can help us to rise to this call we are sure of better Nigeria. I pray that God will revive us and help the youths the truth to know in love and honest to grow

  7. Ayodeji

    time for the youth to fight for what really belongs to them, time to face reality of life, time to defend our right, this is a nice write up, keep it up.

  8. Yetunde

    Lovely…. This is an eye opening for every youth..Let’s stand up for what we believe in…It begins from somewhere and we will realize the sky is the starting point….
    Go girl! Oluwatofunmi

  9. Gideon Emmanuel

    Such a wonderful and timely masterpiece. If only a tenth of this masterpiece will fine expression in reality in the loves of 30% of Nigerians, this country will be the greatest on earth in the history of humanity.
    Ride on great scholar, and soar on d wings of wisdom, hind sight, insight and foresight. Your kind are most needed for a revolutionary change in this country, if not for anything, for the sake of the future generations. One grace.

  10. Erioluwa

    Isn’t this great? I never knew you could write. I love the way this article was arranged and the message being passed across is so clear and concise. Please keep this up.

  11. sirchrisdatrillionaire

    This is purely an applauding write up… I pray the Good God will help we the youths the truth to know… Well-done sis for the good job.. I know the world will hear and listen to more of you….

  12. Oluwatobi Olaoye

    Inspiring message! It’s high time we youths woke from our slumber. It baffles me to when I see over-aged hold sensitive positions especially in the political and educational sectors. A job well-done by Miss Ajimoti!

  13. Bayor

    The writer has sincerely done a great job here. As a youth I have more vivid understanding of creative ways to be involved in nation building through this expository, comprehensive and eye opening essay. Merci.

  14. oni abiodun

    “Youths must seek to participate in government, politics and policy formulation, shelving aside the responsibilities of joining mainstream politics and forming healthy and progressive alliances with one another even at the lowest stage of student union government of the universities and participating in all issues of national interest especially VOTING.”
    This is a strong point you made here, political participation is not only on the platform of political parties and it should be from the grass root. Grass root politics is only a farce in Nigeria.
    ?????????? bravo!

  15. oluwabunmi

    Kudos to Ajimoti oluwabukunmi, it’s high time we youths woke up from our slumber and make our nation a great one. The write up is quite encouraging.

  16. John

    This is inspiring and awakening. Well explicit and a piece stately delivered. Yearning and longings of the youth cannot be lost with this timely note.

  17. Dolapo Ogunmilade-Adeniji

    Amazing piece! This is really a wake up call for us all…High time we woke up from our slumber and fight for our right…Welldone Tofunmi!

  18. Abimbola Sojimi

    A wake up call to us youths. An eye opener for young people. This is a call to exert ourselves. We can do much more than we previously thought. We will take responsibility for the development of this country. Thank you Ajimoti Oluwabukunmi.

  19. Ifeoluwa O

    Great write up. Youths need to rise and take responsibility, we’ve had enough of been tossed forth and back. The way forward for this country lies on our shoulder.
    God bless you, dear Ajimoti.

  20. samuel Jesulowo

    Don’t let this message stop here
    Share it via every platforms through which 95% of Nigeria Youths will have access to and read.
    Thanks for this message

  21. sam omotosho

    what a nice piece. how I wish every homo sapiens could have access to this link. it addresses the pressing issues of this nation. bravo sister

  22. obifaith

    I must be very sincere that the writer has done a lot of justice to the topic by giving copious and convincing reasons why youths should rise to the task which lies before them in order to achieve the best and play their role with all consciousness. Well done, more grease to your elbow and more wisdom to do more

  23. Adetogun Oluwaseun

    This is a great and wonderful write up from an knowledgeable lady, keep it up my dear. I hope this get to the appropriate quarters. It is time to get all our youth involved in every aspect of this nation.

  24. Omolara

    Beautiful write up! Bravo! May the God of creation guide our leaders right and help all youths to know, understand and accept the truth like you wrote. Amen. Please keep this up, the sky is your starting point.

  25. okekunle mathew

    This is really spot on. Youth must indeed awake from their slumber and claim what belong to them. Good piece. More power to your elbow.

  26. Fajumo Bolanle

    this is so awesome.. its a great call and awakening never to despise the strength of their youth. it’s high time we stood up, stepped out and influence our world in all domains.. kudos Tofunmi.. so proud of you

  27. Dumebi Stella

    This is absolutely brilliant! trust me, i hardly read through pieces like this, but this held me up till the end…interesting opening and a captivatingly persuasive view point…kudos to the author…I’m reposting so others can benefit too….may God help our youths take a positive stand.

  28. This is a well thought-out piece about the responsibilities of the youths of this country in nation building. The points are well made and the case for their increased involvement convincingly made. Youths are indeed potent tools of change and must act with conviction and conscience to change things for the better through proactive rather than reactive initiatives.
    Thumbs up to the author of this great piece.

  29. Osunsami ibereola

    Wow! This is a good one. You have just taken one of the steps you suggested. Youths must rise up to sensitise the masses about their rights, role and power in governance. This will indeed bring about reduction in corruption and also bring about justice! All Youths should read this and take steps. Bravo!

  30. Josiah olatunbosun

    Great one, elders should help the youth to realise their God giving talent so that the Tomorrow we are hoping for will come. Thanks

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