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30 Mar 2017

Getting Through School Life The Easy Way

Getting Through College The Easy Way

Obviously, college graduates can make more money than individuals holding only a high school diploma. This is not the only reason why it is very important for everyone to have a college degree but probably the most practical. But going through college can be quite tough. You have to pay through the nose and you have to deal with different sorts of people. You would be stressed out of your mind when final exams come around. That is if you go in there unprepared and to help you out, check out these pro tips that should make your journey through your college years.

Make Yourself Known

You will most likely have a problem with your grades. Study hard and you will probably avoid that. But to be on the safe side, you can rely on your professor’s leniency. Make an effort to participate in class and spend time with your professor to make yourself known to them. Most professors will be more lenient to someone they know than someone who is just a name or a student number to them.

Professors who know you are more likely to help out with things like letter of recommendation or additional opportunities which takes us to our next tip.

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Be A Research Assistant

Find out if your professor is doing some research aside from teaching class and then volunteer your time to help as an assistant. You stand to learn more by doing and you can get paid as well. Plus, having “research assistant” on your resume after graduation can help you land that first good job.

Cheap Textbooks

One of the biggest drains in a college student’s budget is the cost of books. Don’t be forced into buying new books. Do some research online and you can probably save more than 50% than buying from your school’s store. Amazon and eBay are just two of the more popular sites for this.

Protect Your Data

The only time that your computer’s hard drive will fail is when you needed your data the most. Safeguard yourself from undue stress by always backing up your data especially for big projects. If you can afford a dedicated external backup drive, go for it. To add more security, back your files up in the cloud. Dropbox and similar services are easy to use and you can just use the free account.

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Cheap But Good Food

Don’t settle for fast food and the ever present ramen. If you are living off campus, buy supplies in bulk. You can save a lot of money by cooking your own food. Grab plenty of potatoes and you can cook them differently every day. You can also do the same for eggs. Invest in a crock pot or slow cooker. They are energy efficient and you can find plenty of recipes online. Simply throw in all the ingredients, dial in the right settings according to the recipe, go to class, and come home to a well done stew.

Scope Out That Magical Restroom

For ladies, check out areas where there are more male students than female. The low number of ladies using that area’s restroom means it would be cleaner than one in a building or area where there are a lot more girls. For guys, the same logic applies. Once you have found that magical restroom, don’t spread the word around unless you want your clean restroom spoiled.

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Extra Motivation

If you want to force yourself to pay attention in class, sit in front.  There is always the temptation to not pay attention when you can get away with it by sitting at the back of the class. But not paying attention while in class is akin to paying for a hotel room and sleeping on the sidewalk. You are paying a lot of money to go to college so if sitting in front is the only way you can force yourself to pay attention, go for it.

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