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20 Jun 2017

How To Get An “A” In Difficult College Courses



When one moves from high school to college, Going gets tough. Not only the academic level enhances, but syllabi get tougher as well. Getting A then becomes a challenge.


Going one step up o the academic ladder, i.e. moving from high school to college brings its own challenges for students. Generally, the courses become tougher as compared to high school level. Getting A in such courses seems to be an uphill task. Coping with this challenge though, is not easy but, can be done with a planned strategy. Let’s check out how it can be done in an easy and efficient manner.


  • Identify strengths and weaknesses:


Every student must make a self-assessment and identify his grey areas. I.e., the courses which require extra attention.



  • Schedule Studies:


Studies should be scheduled in a manner that more time is allocated to tough courses. No compromises to be made, once schedule is set.


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  • Monitor your performance on periodic basis:


Study should be well planned. While scheduling studies, specific goals should be set for set periods and then the student must constantly monitor his or her achievements. In this way, an awareness of required corrective measures can be obtained. One important thing is that the goals should not be rigid but must be realistic.


  • Complete Homework daily:

Finishing home work in time facilitates in keeping oneself in line with teacher and class. Those who are lazy in completing home assignments lag behind the class and face unnecessary stress.



  • Take practice test:


It is always beneficial to have a practice test ahead of real test. Check whether all the questions are answered within stipulated time. The question in practice test must be those which are expected to be asked in actual test. The conditions of practice test must be same as of real test i.e. no reference to text book or notes.


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  • Keep Concepts Clear:


Conceptual clarity is a pre requisite for having a better understanding of content. Ask as many questions in class as possible, in order to have a clear understanding of the lecture.



  • Use Technology:


In this modern world studies are not confined to the boundaries of class room. Social networks and internet provides solutions to all problems without much hassle. One must be in habit of referring to this great repository of knowledge. Many lectures with graphic illustrations and impressive presentation style are available on you tube and other educational web resources, which cater to requirement of students.



  • Join Group study sessions:


Not all students are alike in grasping and comprehending new concepts.  Most of them perform averagely; others are fairly good while, a few are excellent. A group study forum facilitates all the participants in learning from others. The complex problems have very good chance to be resolved in such sessions.


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  • Seek off Class assistance from Teachers:


The students should often visit teacher’s office with appointment to get things clear. This also makes the teacher believe that visiting student is a highly motivated person. Resultantly they often pay special attention to such students.


It can be said with assurance that if a student plans his or her studies of a tough college course consults his teachers and fellow students, utilizes internet and other digital resources, then chances of getting “A” grade, enhances manifold.


This article is written by Julia David, a freelance writer, who contributes articles on academic and student’s issues at a dissertation writing service . He is a music lover and an artist as well.

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