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27 Nov 2017

Gender Talk in Undergraduate Admissions

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In a world of political correctness, people often try to avoid comparisons based on gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion. School administrators, however, need to know all the statistics, including how many females are enrolling in their institution compared to males. Universities cannot help but notice that women form the majority of undergraduates and those that actually graduate with bachelor’s degrees. They also make up about 60% of the student body. This percentage is predicted to rise over the next few years.

Where Women Are Not The Majority

However, this is not the case for all types of universities. State universities are more likely to enroll about equal numbers of men and women. Technical universities, on the other hand, enroll more men than women. The administrators of these technical universities are trying to attract more female enrollees, though.

Reasons For The Statistic Results

According to a study in enrollment statistics, women are more likely to enroll due to academic purposes. They are not enrolling into college due to extracurricular reasons. So, females are more likely to be found in academics-focused colleges rather than technical ones. As for state universities, they may be trying to provide equal opportunities for men and women to be accepted in an academic institution that charges low tuition.

The Liberal Arts College Option

Women dominate the College of Liberal Arts in most universities. The college obviously has a strong academic foundation. Students are often required to do extensive research and may end up working for the academe after graduation. It is also to be noted that the College of Liberal Arts is quite a phenomenon in the American setting because it offers some of the best undergraduate programs out there. Students that are enrolled into the college have better chances at job placement afterwards.

University Moves

Gender inequality is being addressed at the moment by most universities that are experiencing it. Because of this, waiting lists are longer than ever. The officers at admissions are taking more time to compare and contrast applicants in the waiting lists to provide more equality in terms of gender. If they have already picked several surefire female applicants for the College of Liberal Arts, for example, female applicants in the waiting lists are good as denied. Administrators are more eager to add more males into the college if the school has been experiencing a lot of gender inequality beforehand. Schools with low female enrollment or low male enrollment are practicing various ways of attracting the opposite gender.

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Mark Howellpie is a 6th grade math teacher at Heights Middle School in Farmington, NM. He has been teaching 3 years. Mark has taught every grade level in the K-12 spectrum, including time at an alternative high school, a one room school house, an elementary science enrichment class, and a gifted program. Also he works as a blogger/writer at PhDify.com

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