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24 Apr 2017

How To Have Fun And Maintain Good Grades In College

Even though you are growing up, you should never stop having fun – Nina Dobrev

      Balancing diversions with studying is not just a throw and catch, it is absolutely requisite. Students always want to keep their GPA up, reason been as a result of poor performance In the previous session or just to be on top of their class and as a result of this trade or neglect their social activities.

       The importance of good grades cannot be over emphasized as the grades you have depends on your kind of person and most importantly how you study. Nevertheless, fun time should not suffer for it as one can never underestimate the importance of having great times.

      To illustrate, according to a recent search online, it was recorded that it is actually the busiest students that have some of the best grades. Its quite logical as people who have their schedules full know how to stay on top of things by striking a good balance in their activities.

      However, it is not just balancing time but how you make use of the time and taking advantage of the resources available to you, as all work and no play make jack a dull boy, but how much is too much? How can you have fun and still maintain good grades?

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Below are some useful ways:

BE ORGANIZED: Plan, prioritize your tasks and make a daily list of things you need to do. This may look stupid but it’s a great way to organize your time.

BE RESPONSIBLE: Step up and take charge of your life. There is no teacher or parent to remind you of what you need or ought to do. Lecturers will not teach you how to be a student but they will give you the materials, textbooks and administer tests.

EXPLORE: Find time to tour your school environment, go sight seeing and cool your head off long time reading.

BE CONFIDENT: You have gotten to a stage where by you should not be intimidated by other people, be confident, study hard and have great times.

MAKE FRIENDS: friends are like walls to lean on so get some friends together. Have pleasurable times together as The moments shared will help you cool off.

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HAVE FUN: Have great times, enjoy, get your friends together, get some snacks and lounge around to watch movies. Make a very good use of your week ends, play sports that you and your friends enjoy, Play games and party. It helps you relax

STUDY PARTY: You see those friends you party with, gather them after individual reading and make study party. Ask questions, discuss, correct and read together. You basically would not forget what you study with friends.

BE SUCCESSFUL IN CLASS: Attend all class as you can make up what you miss in class. Do assignment, communicate with your instructor, participate in class sit in the first row and ask questions always. By now you should know how to take good notes in class, be an active listener, recognize important information, underline, take note that is easy to read and leave spaces for ideas.

STAY HEALTHY: Sleep well, Eat well and do a lot of exercises. A healthy mind is ready to learn and a healthy is ready for assimilation. Take naps; studies show that 10minute a day can rejuvenate you.

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STUDY SMART: Know your learning style and find a good studying place. organize your study time. Different studies have shown some activities that can hasten assimilation. These activities include chewing gum, playing background music. Chewing gum improves cognitive performance because it stimulates the brain by increasing blood flow while background music improves the brain performance while studying.

BE READY: So you have read and study and its time to write test or examination. Be ready, Hydrate yourself before going for exams, do light exercise; accordingly to a scientist, exercises make the neurons in your brain nimble thereby strengthening the brain power. Avoid fast foods for a while or reduce the consumption to keep a healthy brain. A recent study reveals that the more fast food students consume, the lower their scores.

Balancing academics with Fun times help you to make memories and those memories are what will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is never too late to have fun, you are never too old to enjoy.

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