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29 Apr 2016

Four Things To Avoid During NYSC If You Don’t Want To Be Kicked Out

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You see them preparing for their NYSC with anxiety, they just can’t wait to get in there. Bit on getting into the system, they discover its not as easy and sweet as they thought, then they start misbehaving.

Well, here are some FOUR things that you should avoid, ad they can give you extension, or straight even exit out of the NYSC scheme.

1. Disobedience in Camp:  On getting to the NYSC camp, their rules and regulations + By-laws will be given to you, you as expected to read it like a 6-unit course because any disobedience or breach of the laws can lead you out of the camp with immediate effect. They might decide to be wicked, they will wait till your passing out day before giving you an extension for the offence.

2. Wrong influencing of your Place of primary assignment (PPA) posting: This is the fastest way to get an extension. Your last day in camp is when you will be given your posting letter to your Placr Of Primary Assignment (PPA). But some will choose to stay back in camp when they don’t like where they were posted to, or even go to their state secretariats to work things out to be posted to a better place. This gives rooms for them to be preyed upon, money will be extorted from them by some dubious NYSC staffs promising to help them. But when the thing will backfire, NYSC will discover it then hit you with an extension.

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Note, if you have a viable and good reason to relocate, redeploy or influence your posting, NYSC will not hesitate to do that for you provided its genuine.

3. Missing Head count:  Anytime you are called for head count, please make sure you are there because if not, that might lead to an extension.

4. Gross misconduct: I had to embed some offences into this. As a corper, the NYSC uniform opens way for you in some cases. But you will be warned that you are not to wear the uniform to some occasions or events. Failure to heed to it will be extension. Another instance is rape, and also sleeping with your female students and getting them pregnant. This might even give you an exit from NYSC.

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Some people might have committed these offences and escaped. But you might not be as lucky.

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