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8 Jan 2016

How To Manage Time And Environment For JAMB UTME 2018

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Scholars have argued that poor time and environment management in examinations are part of the reasons why students miss it out yearly.

Time is the measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exist or continues.
Environment is the circumstance, object or condition by which one is surrounded.

Examination has been proven to be one of the toughest and yet better period for students at any level as it is the time to get assessed on how much the student knows. To some students examination period is the best  period of the year they are always awaiting, to some it is the period they pray to never come, to some it is normal as every other period; however no matter how a student sees examination, it is a challenging period for every student as during the limited time, limited or confined environment of the examination, a student gets to report on what  s/he had ‘unlimited’ time and free environment to access and learn.

UTME being an external examination brings forth different results for both the brilliant and average student.

Some brilliant students fail to perform excellently in external examinations due to the environmental factor, as some are not used to learning not to mention writing examination in ‘strange’  environments.  Similarly, students perform poorly in examination s as a result of poor time management.

Prior to the examination as a student preparing for examination :

While studying try to create an environment that will be similar to the environment in which you will take your examination, research shows that information locked into the state of consciousness in which it was learnt. It means that, the mood, or state we study is the mood or state we should be in during exam time so as to best remember the information studied.

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And if possible, as an external examination try and get familiar with your examination environment, prior to your examination date. i.e you can leisurely go to your examination centre just to know it and get familiar with it, you have that picture in head.

While studying, revising, answering questions on your own set time limit for yourself. If possible set half of the time you know you would be given in the examination and see how far and how well you can go. Calculate how much time will be spent on answering the questions.

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Prepare yourself psychologically for anything that happens before or during examination, as students who lack psychological strength break down at very little frustration.
And the examination hall, avoid all distractions, relax. For those scared of crowd see the environment as your little closet where it’s just you, your books and reading table.
During the the examination, avoid wasting the ‘exam-time’. Utilize every second well.


It is pertinent to know this interesting thing about the relationship that abounds between time and environment.

A perfect environment management is only as a result of effective management of one’s time. So the perfection of your time management makes environment management easier.

Take note, your environment cannot exists without a time, neither can your time exists without an environment. So both work Hand in hand, hence time properly managed will influence your environment.

No matter how intelligent or brilliant you might be, your incapability to have a good time management is concomitant to the opposite of been brilliant and intelligent.

My description of time http://www.nairaland.com/1487308/fynestboi-university-life#19000300

Time is a unique, unrenewable resources.
It marches onward at a rate of 60minutes every hour.

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No one is Immune to the relentless, unforgivng passage of time..

Everybody on the planet has ownership of 24hours per day.

We all receive the same allotment of time every day; each new day brings with it, an automatic deposit of 24hours into our “time account.”

Time has no division to mark is passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpet to announce the beginning of a new month or the end of a year.

How and where we invest our time determines our success, career path and productivity.

Time really cannot be controlled, you cannot slow it down or speed it up. It just is what it is; time.

If time posses all the above, how then can I manage her during exam?

Firstly, I want you to put in mind, that examination is to test how smart you can apply what you have read, most especially UTME, So how prepare you are  firstly gives you  an edge, and your ability to manage your time is another edge, both put together will deliver to you outstanding performance.

It is expected of you to have cover all aspect, don’t leave any aspect untouched, UTME is an objective exercise and not essay, so all topics count, having done the above, the next is how to bend time to your own advantage, as you cannot slow her or stop her.

If you truly want to bend time to your advantage.

1.Never let time, take you for granted, so as to have available time left to crosscheck your work before submitting…

2.Don’t given room for distractions…

3.Have it, in mind that there are different set of questions. (the easy ones, tactical ones, strict(hard) ones, ) you don’t waste time on the strict ones when you have the easy ones that won’t in any way pose any threat to you. In this case it is safer to start with the easy ones, to the strict ones and you end it with the tactical ones..  Why? The tactical ones appears cheap, but they demand proper rethinking before concluding on an answer, so it’s advisable you put those as your last attempt, while you treat the easy and strict one, however strict questions are easily conquered using elimination method, as they are just to test how wide you have read, and your level of preparation and how wide you have read will determine how strong your elimination method will be.

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4.Don’t spend more than a minutes for a question, if a question is taking more time from you asterisk such and proceed, you can always come back, or you see clues in the next questions.

If the 4 is in place then leave the rest to God.

If you dont have a stable time plan, then you can’t be a good manager of your  environment. However the only disadvantage your environment have for your time is distraction, as clearly stated in the first part of this write up. .. Moreover, distraction can come in different ways. Nevertheless to avoid any distraction you will need to prepare ahead against any from of distraction.

What can distract you.
-Weather: distraction is when you are feeling cold during examination.
– Food: distraction is when you are either tasty or hungry, or feeling uncomfortable As a result of eating to much.
-Lateness:  coming late is also a distraction.

If these distractions can be avoided or reduced to the barest minimum by preparing well for unforseen situations, then you have not only effectively manage your time but you have become the manager of your environment.


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