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7 Dec 2017

Five Ways To Celebrate Christmas, Without Over-Spending

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Whao! Few days from now, it will be Christmas, a lot of Nigerian must have made big plans for this year’s celebration amidst the fuel scarcity and the rising cost of goods and services, but what do we to do? Man must flex! in order to make sure you don’t over spend this yuletide season, lawrenzi.com will share five ways you can have appreciable fun, and still have some cash to spare for  January, you know its not always easy in January, but you can get an exception letter.

1. Follow your wallet and not you Feelings

It is ok to want to spend lavishly during the festive period, but you must realize that if you spend the way you feel, you might end up feeling the way you spend. That it you might run out of cash. During this season, there is appreciable rise in goods and services, I called an electrician to fix my my room this morning, only for him to charge me twice the amount he charges normally. It is easy to yield to pressure while trying to meet the expectations of family and friends. Have a limit on what you wish to spend and you will be better for it

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2. What you need is different from what you want

At this stage, you must know what you need and what you want, you must take a radical decision to focus more on what you want, get a list of those you need to offer gifts to, at this point you must choose carefully who gets gift from you, just are just happy to get, they are not happy to give

3. Get your stuff at affordable prices

Prices of goods have gone up but that does not mean you have to at extra cost for goods and services, make sure you do a market survey of any item you want to buy before placing order, it is not advisable to buy an iitem if you have not done a proper market survey, remember that life continues after Christmas.

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4. Don’t borrow to Celebrate Christmas

We have seen occasion where people borrow to celebrate Christmas, you don’t need to rack up debt that you might spend a better part of next year paying, of what good will it do you if you borrow money just to celebrate Christmas? forget what happens around you, forget your neighbor’s chicken or goat. Remember life na per head!

5. Follow your budget

Decide how much you want to spend, and make sure it’s the amount you can afford, stick with your limit and smile into January.

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