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7 Sep 2017

Are you Employable? Maybe, Maybe Not!

Are you Employable? Maybe, Maybe Not

Many, after graduating from school, search for a good job for years without any success. Yes, we know that the rate of unemployment in the country is really bad, but have you ever considered if even you have been contributing in your failure to secure a good job. Through the period of your job hunting, it is essential to carry out a self-evaluation test from time to time in order to maintain a good employability rating – that is, you must be the kind of employee that employers are looking for. To remain employable during job-hunting, here are some ways of verifying yourself as the kind of employee that employers want.

Be true to yourself

In ensuring that you remain employable, while carrying out your self-evaluation test, be honest with yourself. Never take it easy on yourself, because your interviewer will not take it easy on you. Therefore, when preparing for a job interview, you must checkmate yourself in several ways by which you think the interviewer may get you hooked. This includes checking for abilities that you think a good employee must possess e.g punctuality, hardwork, corporate dressing, creativity and what have you. If there are any of these employability traits you may be missing, you might want to acquire them in order to increase your chances of being employed.

Ask about yourself

Enquire from friends, families, former colleagues and bosses about how employable they think you are. You are more likely to get an honest assessment of yourself from one of these group of people. They can point out your strength and your weaknesses to you. Then, next time when you are going for an interview ensure to emphasize your strong areas in your resume while you continue to work on developing your weak areas.

Your knowledge of the company in view

Any employer would expect his employees to have full knowledge of the company where they work. Since the whole point in making sure you are employable is to someday become an employee in the proposed company, then it is only wise that you start thinking like an employee, right before you’ve even had your job interview. Therefore, you must know all there is to know about the company you hope to someday work in and if eventually you are faced with questions testing your knowledge of the company at the interview, you would end up proving to your interviewer that you are indeed the employee he’s been looking for.

In conclusion, while job-hunting, always ensure to stay updated about the happenings around you and keep improving on your skills and knowledge. All these serve to increase your chances of being employed.

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