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7 Oct 2017


Many people do not realise how crucial learning to drive is to their careers. Those who know how to drive are often those who appreciate individualism and living a much more easier life. It is not necessary you own an automobile before you learn how to drive. You can learn how to drive first and leave the rest for later. Whether you own a car or not, owning a driver’s license is a necessity for life. Knowing how to drive gives you a sense of independence and control and lots of other benefits in many situations, not only for yourself but for others as well.


Driving can open many more job opportunities for a job seeker. Many jobs in Nigeria nowadays require a driver’s license, be it marketing, banking, journalism, sales or business management. Flexibility in today’s offices makes a lot of employers desire to know that their employees can drive. There may be a need for an employee to visit a client or customer or go on other assignments outside the office. What happens when you land that your dream job and your company gives you a car immediately because of the need for you to move around? Would that then be the time for you to start looking for a driving school? Would that then be when you start applying for a driver’s license? Open yourself to opportunities before you start seeking for open opportunities. Learn how to drive and obtain your driver’s license before you move on to the job market.


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Apart from the fact that knowing how to drive can open more job opportunities, driving is a job on its own. Driving as an occupation is in two ways: commercial driving and chauffeuring.



When you use a vehicle to take goods or passengers, as the case may be, from one place to the other for the purpose of making ends meet then you are a commercial driver. We have different types of commercial drivers: taxi drivers, bus drivers, tanker drivers etc. This is an occupation lots of people do not want to associate with. In Nigeria, commercial drivers are seen as illiterates, low lifers and louts. But why would you allow some people’s stereotypic perceptions derail you from making ends meet?

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A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a private automobile for the owner. A chauffeur also drives hired cars of executive or luxury classes. There are many job opportunities day in day out opened to private drivers with good pays attached.

There are many driving schools around; make sure you apply to a reputable one. Driving is nothing but a skill. The more you learn, the nearer you are to perfection on this skill of driving. Go to a driving school that is close to where you live for convenience’s sake. Driving schools also help in acquiring a driver’s license.

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On a final note, If you don’t want to waste time on searching for a job, it is always just better to learn new things and be open to new experiences every day. No one is forcing you to know how to drive, but if you learn it, you know that apart from the various advantages there are to driving, you could always explore the world in a different and a new way and expertize this skill even more.

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