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Diary of a fresher - eduregard
3 Jun 2015

Diary Of A Fresher – Episode 5

Griiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!! My phone rang, and guess who was at the dialing end, my mum. “Hello, are you now in your room?Hope your things are still intact” She asked and I replied “Haba! So fast? Even if they were born thieves they couldn’t be so fast, I’m back in the room and all is well, thanks ma”. Just had to lie so she could free me on time.

Now I’m on a mission to replace my empty mind with an open one”, I thought as I entered the room. Then I paused as I saw a guy offloading his stuffs on my supposed bed, confused on whether I entered the wrong room, I had to go back and check the room number. “Na my room be this na”, I charged forward to challenge the guy after a confirmatory check. “Yo gee, whatsup with you, you missed your way? That’s my bed” I said that in my formed British accent as I learnt if you throw accent in times of argument, you will have an upper hand in winning. The guy, also obviously confused, looked back to check if there was another person I might be possibly talking to at his back. “Where you, na you I dey follow talk o, you yes you”, I didn’t know when I started bursting in my favorite Warri tone. “ This is my bed boy, you are the one that missed your road”, the guy cried out in a somewhat angry and intimidating manner, he probably had a stressful journey, maybe he trekked a long distance and he was looking for someone to transfer the aggression to.

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I asked what his room number was and he replied : “110!!!”. I took a journey into my brain to do the mathematics, “if I am to fathom this guy’s room and bed number the way I did mine, then it would be room 11 bed 0”, that sounded stupid when there was no 11th room and bed number 0. I was dumbed, looking like a lover jilted during honey moon and my mouth widely opened as all eyes were on me.”Where will I start? Packing my loads? What about the famzing my mum did here? What about the prayers ma mum poured here?”.. The fact that I hated prayers doesn’t mean I didn’t believe in them, her prayers were the only assurance I had for my safety in that strange hostel, then I had to migrate. The guy already continued with his offloading, he didn’t even care how and who I was. “Abeg come commot your bed”, he told me nonchalantly. I knew I was already at fault as I checked my own bedspace registration form and saw ‘Block J, Room 104, bed number 2’. “How come I didn’t see the bed number before? How come I believed Aro? Na God go punish that guy!!!Now I will have to start packing my things shamefully. No! I gats make them sabi say I no be easy guy, I gats prove stubborn a bit”…”Come guy, where is your bedspace clearance form? You can’t just come here and claim a space without proof”, I challenged him. He stood up to me and that was when I discovered how huge he was. Please be aware that the more someone gets closer to you, the more such person gets bigger, so mind who you challenge until you’re pretty close. He pointed his finger at his big head and then straight to my nose and roared “Boy! Boy Boy! How many times did I call you? If u ever ask me any question again in your life, I will show you I am the son of Okuraku the great Calabar bricklayer, and I will handle and tear you like we treat cement bags”. On noticing the fear and how shaky my body was, the room mates started transferring my load to my very room, I was glued to that same spot till they got everything fully packed after like 15minutes . At that time, the huge guy already went out, probably to get something. Then the room mates told me not to mind him, they referred to him as a mere bully that will soon be reported. “Me! Me! Me! I sabi wetin I fit do na, on a normal day that guy small for me na, I do beat 4 of his type back in ma hood na. If not that I dont want to create a scene as per first day on campus coupled with the fact that my dad told me expulsion is the penalty for fighting on this campus, I would have taught him the lesson of his life” I bragged stupidly even though I was still trembled inside of me.

Through their reactions, I perceived the room mates already liked me, probably because of my mum’s generousity but unfortunatey, I would leave them for better or for worse in the able hands of a bully. I looked around for any left behind, in the absence of none, I thanked them as I stepped out of the wrong room and headed for the right one………………………

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TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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