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Diary of a fresher - eduregard
28 May 2015

Diary Of A Fresher – Episode 4

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On entering the room, we met like four hungry-looking boys out of a supposed-census of twelve. My dad greeted them all while my mum did the normal famzing as expected. I just kept looking around the room perplexed and with much discomfort written all over my black face ..” Which kain room b this, e too small na”. Imagine 12 students with potential squatters in a room that’s more or less the size of my room back in my hood.
I took a look at the backyard and what I saw could make a man forfeit his admission. I looked up and luckily there were two healthy-looking ceiling fans, then I smiled as I remembered Lil Kesh’s line that says; “too many fans even cold don dey catch me“, though I later found out that the fans were never working.

I sat on a bed adjacent to my bunk as I watched my mum arranging my stuffs and decorating my bed while she kept talking, advising my roomates to be of good behaviour and never join bad guys …”She no even sabi whether na dem be the bad guys sef”… I thought.

My dad noticed the dissatisfaction on my face and told me not to worry as it was just a matter of one year. “One year? 365days? Very long! We’ve been spending just one day since and it seems like it’s never ending, not to talk of 365 days“. I thought.

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Skipping all actions to some minutes later, my mum was done with the decoration and they were set to depart. Then my mum said that sentence that always made my then unGodly but now Godly self inconvenient…”Shall we pray“…I noticed my room mates were looking so much interested in the prayer, only if they knew the last prayer session we had before leaving home was 2 straight hours with extra minutes to its credit. “In Jesus Name….” She started…

15 minutes later : Still thanking God, first step in prayers…
30minutes later : She was still on forgiveness of sins…
45minutes later : Prayer for parents…
After an hour : She moved on to the main prayer point..Prayer for the students…

Obviously the prayer for the students would last nothing less than an hour. I started feeling this usual feeling of dizziness, sleep drives in and was looking for a parking spot in the garage of my spirit, I was getting carried out to the land of the num. Then I discovered I was not alone, everyone started feeling like I was, as the sound of “amen” was fading off.
She sharply sensed the atmosphere and decided to round off. If we tried that in the house then a hot slap on someone’s cheek would have brought everyone else back to life and back to reality.

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She finally ended the marathon prayer session and gave my room mates some chocs she brought out of nowhere I could fathom….”Chai! If to say I sabi say she buy this thing nii, I for don chop one when hunger dey fire me inside car o“. I said to myself.

They finally set to take their leave as I decided to accompany them to a point where they would fear no more, then I remembered the hall warden at the entrance, as a sharp guy, I sharply changed the situation…”Ehmmm…Thank you sir and ma, I think I’ll need to go back now in order to secure my properties“…”But your room mates are indoors“…”Huh, those guys don’t look trustworthy to me, they look dangerous o“..I replied my mum by spoiling the dignity of those innocent ones.
Well, we shall send you some cash first thing on Monday morning, hope you have some that can last you till then. Be a good boy and make us proud“, that was from my dad, short and targeted. My mum held me tightly and emotionally, I knew all what she wanted to say but it didn’t stop her from repeating them.”We’ll miss you though“, she concluded.
My mum is actually the only one I will miss though, if I miss anything else then na class I miss“. I thought emotionally as I bid them farewell.


Smiling back to my room, no more that daddy’s boy and happy that I was now freely all to myself to take any step I preferred. “So this is what they call campus, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nice one, I must not lag behind on here but before then, lemme enjoy the euphoria of being a fresh dude”

OAU here I Come……………………………………………………………………………………..


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