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Diary of a fresher - eduregard
27 May 2015

Diary Of A Fresher – Episode 3

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Hall Warden : Haba! I was not expecting someone like you to complain of such penny now.
My Dad : But that amount is quite scary now, imagine me paying...........

Just one more word from my Dad and the die is cast. I felt my heart almost bursting out of my chest, I saw my spirit outside my body, drinking yoghurt and laughing hysterically, saying “I no warn u wen u dey do am? No be me go dey inside u wen dey go catch you, i no fit allow u disgrace me“. I felt my left leg shaking like it will withdraw its support anytime soon…

Then out of luck on my part and restlessness on the warden’s part, he cut in before my dad could land…

Hall Warden : Oskondo! Forget that matter jhawe. Did you hear about Ashimolowo’s death?

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My Dad : I heard ooo. Like 2years ago. It was very painful.

Hall Warden : So painful really, they said the same sickness that worried him in during school days killed him…

Happy and feeling a sense of relief, though I was still troubled as I knew I was not out of the woods yet, it was uncertain whether they would probably resurrect my case. I kept a considerable but not so suspicious distance from them so I wouldn’t get noticed easily. “If I ever scape through this God, I will pay my first tithe with this money“, I prayed as I made a shaky on-motion covenant with God.

The story is getting boring, get me a remote control, I need to forward it to a better scene….

Somehow luckily I escaped the outcome that could have been life-threatening, I couldn’t have been gotten so cheaply though. “Where is your hostel?“, my dad threw the question at me as we walked the the sloppy land zone of Angola hall. I caught the question and threw back at him an excerpt that took me 4hours to cram…”Room 104, Block J, Angola Hall, Opposite Mozambique Hall, OAU, Ile-Ie, Osun State, Nigeria“…That’s the verse Aro told me to pour down for whosoever cares to know of my room number. All we needed to do was just count the blocks down to block J as the letters were boldly inscribed on the blocks as if they were meant for short-sighted optician friends. We got to block J and the room numbering we could see counts from 1 to 10. Why they put room 104 on the hostel registration page was the question on everyone’s lips.

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Well 104 means ground floor room 4, the last I checked“, my dad concluded..”Nooooo! I remember!It’s not room 4, the 104 means room 10, bed number 4, Aro told me!!!“. My dad was sure of his conclusion but somehow convinced with the way I said mine confidently. “It’s probably no more like it used to be during your days, everything now is packaged and the numbering system is now complex that only the smart ones like me can decode, gone are the good old school days when everything was simple“. I cracked some dry jokes as we entered room 10……………………….

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