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10 Nov 2017


So, here is the thing. In an African home, children are burdened with lots of expectations. These expectations are believed to be the totality of a child. Now, let it be known that I am not referring to the expectation of being proud children and good citizens of the country. I am however, talking about the weight of always being on their toes ready for the next task at home.


On this episode, we would be talking about an awesome scenario. First, we need a name, erm… got it! Tochi.  In where he referred to as heaven, Tochi was excited to see the flowers as he caressed them and the breeze that kissed his face. He felt shivers up his spine from the songs of the birds in the sky. Having slept late after last night’s endless chores, he decided he was going to make the best out of this and started a cruise. With a smile so wide that he feared would demarcate his face from jaw through to his ears. So intense that I could literarily see the glow in his eyes… and then, what?! What the… Did I hear well? This can’t be happening!

‘Tochi! Tochukwu!! Tobechukwu!!!’ his mother shouted.



And at that moment, he was woken by the echoes of his mum’s voice screaming at him to get the remote for her. Erm, hold on… Wait, what remote are we talking about? Is it the same one on the table in front of her? At this point, he was faced with two options; to either get up drudgingly and face the days countless tasks or spend one more minute in bed and face the dance of anguish from the whips of the cane behind the door [from the same mum who found it difficult to stretch for the remote control].

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Now, it is time for a quick analysis, Tochi’s mother woke him up from his sweet fantasy only to to bring the remote on the table  in front of her to her. Just as parents don’t see any wrong in this, one child’s dream once again has been cut short by the remote. This is one of the numerous deeds and situations that affect children in all aspects. So many things we see as minor actually count a lot. It should be understood that children of all ages need “alone time” to help them think about somethings they can’t otherwise think about and also come up with solutions. It is important however to understand that this time should be respected.

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Help should be given to children at their “alone time” when needed and not distractions, as concentration might not be retrieved immediately and done at all. This could help them resolve issues for themselves and enhance their innovative skills.

There are many reasons why African children are limited, this might seem controversial but it’s actually very true…an average African struggles through childhood as if that’s not enough, some parents have this belief that their children are slaves. Things they could confidently do on their own, they make their children do them regardless of the cost.


I will clear the air by saying, children are responsibilities and not properties.

Think about it.

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