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6 Jan 2017

Death Penalty As A Panacea For Corruption, Crime And Terrorism – Adegoke Folashade

Human beings generally have the tendency to misbehave at the slightest opportunity and this is the reason why activities such as terrorism and corruption exist. Each society has its own laws for curtailing this menace but unfortunately the law which is meant to be supreme is adjusted to please those in power. Using Nigeria as a case study, corruption as now became the way of life. Starting from the police officer who forcefully receives bribe while on duty, to the students who pay the invigilators to allow them cheat during examinations.


Nigeria, the giant of Africa, which is meant to lead Africa out of poverty has now become giant in every aspect of crime. we have all become greedy such that the only thing that occurs to us is how to extort, steal and even kill others to satisfy ourselves. This is not to say that corruption doesn’t exist in other nation but it has become highly welcomed in Nigeria. Until we take severe measures in tackling all these, there might be no progress. This is why I recommend the death penalty for any form of terrorism, crime or corruption.
In the days of our fathers, we discover that the punishment given out were swift and without bias. Most offenders were beheaded in front of their father’s house while everyone watched, though some claimed that it was a brutal method but it helped in controlling the crime rate. Punishment such as banishment and death penalty served as a warning signal to others, so that such a crime won’t repeat itself since there is nothing that can stop a criminal more than death.
If we could go back to the olden days and adopt their method of sanitizing the society, there would be progress. The death penalty should serve as the punishment for any corrupt individual or terrorist in the society.We have cases of Nigerians sentenced to death abroad and despite pleas from the government and its citizens they were still executed, this is because the law must take its course.
Many have argued that the death sentence is a means of violating the rights of the accused, but we all know that terrorists, armed robbers and even corrupt individuals do not pity their victims who are sometimes murdered in gruesome ways.Therefore, the moment you can take a person’s life, you have lost the right to live.
Judging from my perspective, I believe that until we begin to take control of our nation, there will be no progress. We can’t be part of a problem and also be the solution to it because as Nigerians, we have to work together for the peace and progress of our nation and not the other way round.
As long as I am fully aware of the fact that if I steal as little as 100 naira while in office it would cost me my head, then I won’t have any cause to steal. In this part of the world where people want to have little or nothing to do with shame, it is easier to adopt the death penalty method as a means of wiping crime out of the nation.
In conclusion, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that any form of crime, corruption or terrorism in our nation becomes a thing of the past. There has to be a giver before a receiver can come in because we all contribute to the spread of corruption in the country.
We can’t all feign ignorance to the country’s present situation, rather we have to work together with the government in uncovering criminal activities and until we take severe measures, there will be no progress. This is why the death penalty is the ultimate solution to corruption, crime and terrorism in Nigeria.

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