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eduregard essay contest 2017
14 Oct 2017


Education in Nigeria has been affected negatively by the actions and inactions of every stakeholder in the educational system. Thus, it needs total overhauling and reformation to be able to meet the immediate and future needs of the country. There are various sectors in Nigeria like the health sector, banking sector, agricultural sector and lots more. Among these sectors, one of the most important is the educational sector. This is because the graduates working in other sectors are products of the educational sector. It baffles so much that as important as this sector is, it has collapsed and crumbled as a result of its inadequacies and if caution is not taken, it will be destroyed beyond measure. As such, graduates from various institutions exhibit ignorance and unawareness towards societal realities and even in various sectors. For instance, you see graduates who studied medicine for seven years in the tertiary institution and is still not suitable to work in the medical field. Thus, we have problem in nearly every sector in the country. How then can the country move forward when the younger generation to direct her affairs are not being properly tutored?

Virtually every individual has contributed to the crumbled state of this sector. Beginning with the government, the government is not being fair to the staffs of the educational institutions. Most times, they work for several months or even years without being paid. How will they be devoted to their work? Thus, the teachers embark on strike to show their grievances. Some might even decide not to teach the students or not teaching them thoroughly. Should they be blamed? Whereas we have people working in other sectors earning huge amount of money and even embezzling more money without contributing any quota to the country’s development. The unfortunate thing about this is that most of the children of these people in governmental positions are in foreign schools and are not affected by these problems. This shouldn’t be as this will not motivate the teachers and lecturers to tutor their students. Teachers and lecturers ought to be appreciated. Allowances can be paid to them monthly or annually to appreciate their work. This will encourage them to impact more knowledge in their students.

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Besides, there are lack of infrastructures, facilities and essential equipment in most schools in Nigeria especially the government-owned ones. You see so many schools with dilapidated buildings and facilities in deplorable state. How will highly tutored students be produced under such poor and unconducive conditions? Hence, we have half-baked graduates who are not even able to cope when they meet their counter-parts in foreign countries as a result of the unconducive learning environment they emerged from.

Examination malpractice is another challenge in the educational sector. In fact, it has become a norm in the sector among the students. Students no longer prepare fully for their examinations as a result of their laziness and misplacement of priority instead they rely solely on the help they receive during their examinations. Unfortunately, most parents and teachers are in support of this. In most cases, teachers and lecturers promote this act by encouraging students to contribute money for them to gain assistance during their examinations. They dictate answers to them during examinations or even bring in materials for them to use during the examinations. Eventually, they gain admission to tertiary institutions whereas those that truly prepared for the exam might not even be able to get admitted. As a result, most of them will not be able to cope.


Similarly, greediness and corruption is a challenge in the educational sector. Bribes are being collected for almost everything done. Even the poor can’t have access to education because of the huge amount to be paid. Some parents even pay certain amount for their children to be admitted and also to pass exams. As such, merited students who read diligently for their exams might not be admitted. Should admissions be based on connections and bribes and not merit? As a result, we keep on destroying the future of our country just because of the things we benefit today.


Furthermore, the students equally contribute to the problems in this educational system. Most students do not see learning as a way of acquiring knowledge. They just want to graduate at all costs and start earning money. Most of them are carried away with different social activities like partying, surfing the internet, watching movies, playing games and the likes at the expense of their academics. Thereafter, most of them fail and perform woefully in their school work.

Also, the issue of unemployment of most graduates in Nigeria is not encouraging. Most youth after graduating from schools find difficulty in sourcing for a living. Most of them are not employed nor empowered. This might also discourage the upcoming ones and hence they are not motivated to learn. Thus, the government should set up agencies to empower youths and should also carry out other strategies to eradicate unemployment.

In conclusion, restructuring the educational system will go a long way in promoting the country in every sector. It will bring about eradication of poverty, ignorance and illiteracy. It will also bring about an improved standard of living and we would enjoy good governance as a country. Thus, it is the duty of every one of us as an individual or a group to work towards the betterment of our country by helping in restructuring the collapsing and crumbling educational sector of this country.

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