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23 Jan 2017




The forming of Nigeria started in the 19th century; To put an end to slave trade and gain control of the region, the British began annexing part of Nigeria such as lags in 1861 and regions along Niger River .After World War 2, the nationalist movement grew and Nigeria was granted independence by Britain in 1960. The country became a republic with a central federal government.

Corruption in Nigeria began the day British started to rule Nigeria. The British colonial government exploited and exported tin , groundnut , Iron ore, robber, coal, palm oil , copper and agricultural product from Nigeria for over 87 years in power. Majority of the profits from the export of Nigerian resources were siphoned to London and it was these stolen riches from their colonies that made Britain and other European nation wealthy. The first republic under the leadership of Abubakar Tafawa Belewa, the prime minister and Nnamdi Azikiwe, the president was marked by the widespread of corruption. Government officials looted public fund with impunity.

The effect of corruption is universal even if there could be variation in the state and non-state responses. Massive corruption in the country has reduced amount of money needed for development just as it does in any other political economy and also corruption promotes poverty an Instance could be seen in the management of pensions fund in Nigeria, the theft of pensions means that retired Nigerians would not have access to their pensions as at when due and this means that those that are defendant to care for would be deprived of the needed funds and pensioners eventually died because of rising expectations  that often end in frustration sometimes occasioned by standing for hours on long queues .Another consequence is that it contributes to the high rates of criminal cases we have in the country among youths of nowadays, with its systematically hijacked for selfish for selfish ends by unscrupulous politician and ideologies and some involves in fraud as we have in the society today. It also contributes to the existence of illegal economy. The possibility of bribes infiltrating the security system has made it easy for underground economies in the counterfeit, adulterated substandard products especially drugs.

With regards to the topic who should be blamed most for corruption as a societal evil in Nigeria , the people should be blamed more because the people will always get the kind of leader they deserve leaders do not come from heaven they actually part of the people before been placed in the position , people become leaders. Barbara Johnson 1976 she was a leader in the democrat she said until the people begin to live like there is no government, they will never go far, the perspective of the gives too much power to the government and shift responsibility away from themselves. People need to recognize its power to stop government making government small gods .we must strike the idea that government should do everything and the idea or believe that government should do everything and the idea or believe that government must do nothing. The problem of some Nigerian is a clear case of poverty of the mind, we value wealth so much, and until we start to change our ways and mindset we will continue to wallow in our problem in the nation. Nigerians generally give a high regard to persons of immense wealth, irrespective of how the said wealth was acquired.it is only when we regard corruption with so much disdain that the evil will die a natural death.

The government should be blamed for outdated legislative laws, greedy elites, and foreign power because it was injected selfishly into our system by foreigners and has grown viral and their failure to borrow a leaf from advanced countries and expand our policies locally to better our lives is actually why we are still in pain right now, they have stood our common wealth and have to impact their citizen.

We also blame the people because they celebrate these looters and encourage them to do what what is not right. An instance can be seen in the former governor of delta state we can see how was celebrated there was no sign that he committed and offence. This kind of people should not be in the society they need to be isolated so that they don’t corrupt more people.

In conclusion the fight against corruption would be lost with the way EFCC and ICPC were prosecuting the campaign against corruption the fight against corruption should not be selective and also those heading the anticraft agencies must be seen to be above board in the discharge of their duties. When they want to reopen a case it should not be re-arraignment, the war against corruption should be total.

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