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27 May 2017

Causes and Solution of Violence in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

Violence is the process of disrupting the peace, laws, and orders of an environment. Violence leads to destruction and it impedes the progress of a society. Violence is paramount in Nigeria tertiary institutions as many students go about destroying properties worth millions of Naira due to many factors that causes a problem to their living.

Students are regarded as the leaders of tomorrow, they must ensure they protect their dignity and self-respect. It is the right of every student to take necessary correction against the act of violence as it affects Nigeria education system.

Nigeria tertiary institutions stakeholders must ensure they safeguard the lives and properties of students. There is always a need to protect student’s right and they should be responsible for taking care of each and every student. If students are motivated very well they will not carry out violence act.

Causes of violence in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions

  1.     Election
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Most of the election in Nigeria tertiary institutions is marred by violence due to the fact that there is no security measure put in place by the management of the institutions. Elections should not be a do or die affairs, everyone must support the winner and the loser should also be motivated.

  1.    Protest

When students lack infrastructural facilities such as electricity in the school hostel or classroom, bad roads, unconducive learning environment, improper medical facilities, lack of quality staff and much more, it will lead to protest by the students and the protest can result in violence. When peaceful protest turns into violence, it will lead to destructions of properties and lives can also be lost in the process. This will also lead to the closure of the school.

  1.    Strike Action

If the government fails to pay the salaries of workers and staff of Nigeria higher institutions, it will lead to strike action. When there is strike action, students may decide to show their grievances by co-coordinating themselves to their school or government office, this may lead to disorder in the society. This act may frustrate the students to destroy properties due to the delay they are facing in their educational path.

Solutions to Violence in Nigeria Higher Institutions

  1.    Provision of Social Amenities
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The government should ensure they provide quality and standards social amenities that will ease and facilitate student’s activities in school. There should be a conducive environment that is suitable for learning, goods roads, pipe borne waters and stable electricity.

  1.    Adequate Security

There should be adequate security in Nigeria tertiary institutions. Security will be able to prevent any occurrences that can result in violence. During the time of an election, there should be enough security that can facilitate a fully secure environment for voters and staff of the institutions.

  1. 3.    Payment of Workers Salary

The government must ensure they pay workers salary as at when due to averting strike actions. It is the responsibilities of government to pay the salaries of staff in Nigeria higher institutions. They should be active in paying salaries and entitlement on time so as to avert any future violence act.

Violence is an act that should not be encouraged by anybody because it disrupts the peace of the society. It also causes delay to the years the student will use in school. All education stakeholders must all contribute towards the development of education, so as to stop any violence act.

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This guest post is compiled by Ogunjinmi Bolaji. I am dedicated to enlightening the general public on the quality and importance of education in the society. I am the owner of EDUCATIONHELM an educational blog.

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