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14 Aug 2015

Categories Of Students You Should Not Move With On Campus

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Obviously, not every acquaintance is profitable, though some are beneficial but some are exhausting and destructive. There are some categories of students who act like toxins, those whose relationship with you will never be symbiotic but parasitic.
Now sit back and read along, Categories Of Students You Should Not Move With On Campus

  • The Lazy students

  • This is just as direct as insinuated, lazy. Laziness is highly contagious. Lazy students have super abilities of making those close to them become lazy. Relate with them only when it’s needful and do it afar off.

  • The unintelligent but egotistic

  • This category of students know nothing. They are literally unintelligent but with immense ego. They pose as though they are best students in class but they are real dullards who have voluntarily chosen to not seek for help because of their ego.
    Being unintelligent is not necessarily a problem because such student can be helped. But being unintelligent and egotistic is toxic; relating with such students is not only annoying but exhaustive. Distance yourself from them.

  • Constant whiners

  • This category will always hail you and tease you about your good and bad. They never get serious with their lives. They complain always about everything. To them, everybody and everything is joke.

  • The always negative

  • Negative students never see the good in anything happening around them. They are forever pessimistic and tend to give up easily.

  • The showoff

  • This category of students loves to be showy for the single purpose of making others envious. They feel better about themselves at the expense of others and will always feel bad when you outshine them. Being close with them breeds jealousy and strife.

  • The characterless

  • Just a perfect combination of cheating, lying, manipulation and lack of integrity. They can do virtually anything to get their way. To them friends can become enemies or their victims in their quest to get what they want. They care not about what you think or how to get affected subsequent to their actions.

  • The Gossipers

  • They probably do this to elevate themselves above their insecurity, they speculate a lot. Few things are more destructive than gossip, they come between friends and destroy meaningful relationships. A popular saying goes like “Beware of he who talks to you about others, he will definitely talk to others about you”, quite right.

  • The leech

  • You will definitely have one or two lurking around you. This category of students are always broke and talented at borrowing from you only to use the money on stuffs that aren’t that important. To add to that, they scarcely pay back and when they do, they return a few days after to borrow back the amount they had returned, even more.
    It is always great to help out a friend in need but when a friend consistently borrows money for things that aren’t really necessary, kindly give some space.

  • Anti-Dreamers

  • These are the worst thing after failure. These are students who don’t believe in the creative power of the mind to create dreams that can eventually come to reality. They tend to never see good days ahead and will often discourage with their words and gestures whenever you talk about your lofty aspirations.
    Anti-dreamers are suspicious of everything. They only see doom days and never think of the future.
    Life is about hoping and believing that things can be better. Anti-dreamers don’t dream and they take pleasure in making you feel stupid for dreaming.
    Run for your dear life when you see them.


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