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18 Jul 2016

Career Choice – Is Technology A Solution To It?

When I was in 12 th grade, there was a girl in my batch. She was more than average in her studies and was hoping to get a good engineering college after exams. But destiny had other plans decided for her. She fell into the traps of an accident and got multiple fractures. This made her unable to give exams. Her two years of preparation for engineering exams went into vain and she could not help herself. However, she came out of the incident even more courageous, she then decided to pursue a course she was always interested in. She started studying in the field of biotechnology. When I talked to her after 4 years, she was much more confident and happy towards that one accident which changed her life. She was happy to move her career in the field she was passionate for instead of the one everyone was doing.

# Impact of digitization on career selection

Not all the students are brave enough to pursue their own dreams. They often keep continuing with career options that are not fit for them. However, time is changing rapidly with digitization and easy availability of information which is empowering today’s youth towards the right option. Now days, students have different facilities available with them that can enhance their chances of getting into the right career stream. Millennials and youth today are global centric and powered with internet which has provided them several services without which they could not even think of surviving. With the advent of technology and internet, youth can be more connected to the world with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. There has been an upsurge in the available options for youth to explore, what requires is just courage to explore them.

# Reason of unemployment

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In India, with high population of 2.3 billion, unemployment and underemployment is present due to various factors such as lack of skills, work in-experience, misfit for the career option, little financial resources and lack of awareness. Competition further makes the conditions worse for Indian youth. The government has launched several schemes that can support the youth but the problem is deep rooted. 70% of India’s youth pursue a career based on peer pressure and parental pressure. This is the reason most of the students know about engineering, medical and commerce but not about career in areas like aeronautical, fisheries, marine, biology etc. Currently, in our country there are more than 500 career options but an average student does not know more than 25 options. This becomes one of the major drawback contributing to constrained growth of India’s youth.

#Career Counselling – Solution

The good thing is that digitization and modern era has come up with solution to this problem and has provided the services of career guidance in easy access through online medium. Companies like CareerGuide.com , NGOs like Deepalaya , Vidya Helpline have set up platforms where students can talk to career counsellors and can easily receive guidance on different career options. Not only this, Indian Government, under the tutelage of PM Narender Modi has started National Career Services from 2015 which aims at providing information on more than 50 sectors in India and targets to reach all the students and youth. Although new, these services will definitely set their foot slowly in education sector and will be helpful to bring out talent from every youth.

Career Counselling is not a new concept; it has been prevailing in the society since ages. Earlier students used to take guidance from their tutors. Now, with the advancement in technology, career counselling is in much access of the students. They can receive expert advice with just one click. Several companies have come up which have provided a platform for students to gain career advice from the expert career counsellors whose combined experience is not limited to few sectors, but spans across all the sectors available. Having searched how effectively technology is impacting the field of career counselling, I reached these companies. The results were astonishing. Technology has been used to map the online queries of the students directly to the counsellor who is expert in that field and all this happens in a matter of seconds. Although different companies have different algorithms to set the procedure but the motive is same. All the career counselling platforms use a mapping algorithm.

When talked to career counsellors, it came out that the major factor that is restraining the children from taking expert advice on the matter of career is the lack of awareness among parents. Most of the parents don’t know about career services and even if they know about the service, they pressurize their own dreams on to the students leading to a wrong career choice. One of the career counsellor accepted that 70% of students in developing nations like India do not take career counselling since their parents influence their choices. For the 20%, peer choice makes their choice of career and only 10% students seek expert advice which help them to take sound decisions regarding their career.

With the new technologies and new services coming up, more students need to be made aware regarding their rights. Career choice is also one of their right and it is the demand of the hour that all the students are made aware of the right career option according to their own talent. Since technology has resulted into easy access of career counselling, this is the duty of all the educationists now to make it available to the students by encouraging them to use it.




Aakanksha Aggarwal
Founder, Craft Driven Market Research
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