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17 Nov 2017


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Well, to start with, understanding the concept “student” is quite important in order to adopt its qualities. A good student is someone who has a keen interest as well as a desire to learn and a hunger for work. The key things that make a good student are PERSERVERANCE and DISCIPLINE.

Understanding this opens a door to the realization of the goal ahead of us. A good student is not just a learner but a disciplined and hardworking one who possesses prospects and never takes his eyes off the predefined goals. Just as interesting as this sounds, it is easier said than done. Perhaps you might be wondering why, this is the reason; there are specific traits that must be adopted and at some point form a part of the person in question. At this point, I would be picking them one at a time for better understanding. Here we go;

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Well, the strength of humility can never be over emphasized at any point. Let it be known that humility is not foolishness. This kind of self-acceptance emerges from grounding our self worth in our intrinsic value as humans rather than things such as wealth, fame and so on. Instead, place value on things that also benefit others such as noble qualities like goodwill. A famous writer once said, “There is a time when silence is golden and other times plain yellow”. What he meant was that at some points in life endeavors, Silence is Key and at the others, it is simply inability to stand for what one believes in as well as inability to express one’s self.  In the same vein, there are times when “Humility is golden and other times plain yellow”. The times when Humility is seen as plain yellow are times when we settle for the little we can get and become very much comfortable with them and forget our goals in the name of “I’m not proud”. This is the time pride has to come in to remind us of our worth.

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I call this “Self Trust”. This is the reason; people that possess this do not doubt themselves. They believe in what they know and stand strongly by it regardless of what they are faced with. High level of Self Confidence is important because it determines the level of what can be achieved in life. It can also be referred to as the assessment of Self Worth. If one can’t believe in himself, then it is very much not possible to convince a second party on an idea. Just as the saying goes, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, an excessive level of self confidence could evolve to a dangerous spice. It should, however, be brought to our notice that too much of the self confidence dose could ruin everything as it would lead to dogmatism, not listening and inflexibility. We can all agree that these are vices and not the virtues we desire as they would limit us to our thoughts alone and make us miss the good in the ideas of others.

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Think about it.

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