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4 Aug 2015

Brain Teaser!!! What Number Should Replace The Question Mark? (99% will Fail this)

Being a student is not just about reading, writing, going to class and all those sort of things but being able to apply knowledge acquired in class…. You really wanna prove something?? Try this out:

brain- www.eduregard.com

What number should replace the question mark??…..

Answer correctly and get a chance of winning something great

20 Responses

  1. Aro

    hahahaha… Did you even attempt it at all?? Why not share the link to your other friends n let’s see what they have got to say

  2. Ibrahim Abdulmumuni Adeiza

    the answer is surely six (6) bcos d sum of d numbers on the three equal sides of d triangle must be equal

      1. joshua

        Itz 9 cuz each off the box below you plus the two on the right to get the anser on the left so I added the two numbers on the two upper box too know DAT the answer iz 9.6+3

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